Vacuum Fluctuating Itemduct

Vacuum Fluctuating Itemduct
Vacuum Fluctuating Itemduct

Name Vacuum Fluctuating Itemduct
Source Mod Thermal Dynamics
ID Name
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Blast Resistance 30.0
Hardness 1.0
Solid Yes
Transparent Yes
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Crescent Hammer

The Vacuum Warp Itemduct is a block added by the Thermal Dynamics mod. An energised Itemduct, which moves items instantly and that influences the normal behaviour of an item transport system by sending items to the inventory connected first. Any inventory placed after this Itemduct will receive items first as if it was the nearest even if it is the furthest to the source inventory. An Itemduct distribution branch connected using 2 of these would receive items prior to the branch with only one Vacuum Itemduct and so on [1], setting a higher priority order for each Vacuum Itemduct added. The Itemduct interacts with most mods' machines. Some machines such as the Pulverizer will output to a connected Itemduct automatically. The Vacuum Warp Itemduct has an Opaque version [2] that removes the ability to see the items moving inside, it is cheaper to make and may reduce lag. The Vacuum Warp Itemduct will connect to all other Itemducts, requires 800 RF per length to activate and consumes 50 RF per stack transported.

Recipe [3][edit]

GUI Crafting Table.png
Warp Itemduct
Pulverized Silver

Vacuum Warp Itemduct



'Right click' on the connection with a Crescent Hammer or any Wrench to disconnect, inversely, 'Right click' on the side to be connected. 'Shift+Right-clicking' will remove the duct [4].


Although the most common use for a Vacuum Itemduct would be as a connecting section to alter the distribution behaviour, it may also be configured. The type of item extracted may be filtered and Redstone control activation setting changed using a config item such as the Servo or the Retriever to extract from a remote source. A Filter may be used in conjunction with the Servo on the receiving end if the Duct system is used with multiple outputs. 'Right-clicking' the Itemduct connection with a config item will install it, 'Right-clicking' again will open the GUI, where the Redstone signal setting may be changed to Disabled, Low or High and a ghost image of an item can be added to the filter inventory and set to White or Black list.


Vacuum Fluctuating Itemduct has no known uses in crafting.


  1. In the event that 2 branches of Itemduct were connected to one Vacuum Itemduct each, the one closer to the source would receive items first until no inventory was available, then items would go to the second branch.
  2. To craft a Vacuum Warp Itemduct (Opaque), Warp Itemduct Warp Itemduct can be substituted with Warp Itemduct (Opaque) Warp Itemduct (Opaque).
  3. Pulverized Silver Pulverized Silver can be substituted with the following items: Silver Dust (IndustrialCraft 2) Silver Dust (IndustrialCraft 2), Silver Grit Silver Grit.
  4. When Removing the Itemduct the items inside will drop.

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