Bronze Age

Bronze Age is a concept by GregTech 4, introduced in MC 1.6.4.

It is an entry-level tier of machines which use Steam to operate. As of 1.6.4, Bronze Age machines are required to progress further, as formerly common EU-using machines now have Steel in their recipes.

These machines are slower than their electric versions and some of them yield less resources. However, they do not explode when exposed to rain. Steam is also safer than wires because it is possible to connect improperly the latter and send a high-voltage current to a low-voltage device, which causes electricity-using machines to explode.

The Bronze Age machines do not lose their processing progress if Steam stops entering the machine. They need to output excess steam from time to time using their steam vent. A steam vent is located on one of the sides of a machine and must be open, otherwise the machine will stop operating. Standing near the steam vent when machine is operating harms the player.

The list of Bronze Age machines includes:

There are different utility blocks used for progressing in Bronze Age, too:

The ultimate goal of the Bronze Age is to collect enough materials to craft Bronze Blast Furnace, a multiblock machine similar to Industrial Blast Furnace and obtain your first steel ingots.

Note: Bronze Blast Furnace does not require Steam to run.

The Steel recipes used in Bronze Blast Furnace:

It is possible to use any Steam-producing device to power the Bronze Age machines, for example, a Steam Boiler by Railcraft. Any liquid transport (like Fluiduct or Waterproof Pipes) can be used instead of Bronze Fluid Pipes, too.