Blood Shard Harvesting

A Blood Shard is a fragment from a shattered soul network, and as such is difficult to acquire using mundane means. While the specifics of how and why are still uncertain, blood Mages have discovered a way to harvest theses fragments using a stronger version of weakness. While the main way to apply this weakness is by damaging a hostile mob with a Bound Sword or Energy Blaster [1], there are rumors of another way...

There are 3 different versions of a Blood Shard: Weak (Dropped by any hostile mob), Demon (Dropped by Elementals) and Tainted. While it is not a guaranteed drop, the Looting enchant has been known to help.


  1. The method of killing a mob does not matter, given the mob is suffering from the weakness de-buff at the time of death. If the mob is killed with the first hit, the debuff will not be applied, meaning that there would not be a chance of a Blood Shard to drop.