Energy Blaster

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Energy Blaster
Energy Blaster

Name Energy Blaster
Source Mod Blood Magic
ID Name
Type Weapon
Stackable No

The Energy Blaster is a ranged weapon created with the Ritual of Binding by binding a soul to an apprentice blood orb. To use, it must be bound to the player with a right-click. It is activated with a shift+right-click. Each shot costs 200LP, and the Blaster, like all bound tools/weapons, uses 50LP every 4 seconds. Any mob hit will get a Weakness III de-buff, but in current version(1.3.3-11) of mod you're unable to get any Weak Blood Shards. Demon Blood Shards wasn't checked. Note that projectile has explosion animation on hit, but it doesn't have area of effect. Projectiles also can't hit targets hidden underwater or in the grass.


Binding Ritual GUI.png
Energy Blaster
Apprentice Blood Orb


Energy Blaster can be used to create the following items: