Focus of the Ellipsoid

Focus of the Ellipsoid
Name Focus of the Ellipsoid
Ritual Stones 36
Activation Crystal Weak Activation Crystal
Activation Cost 25,000 LP
Running Cost 20*radius LP/s
Effect Provide building guide

Focus of the Ellipsoid is a Blood Magic Ritual which creates a building guide out of supplied blocks.


Building a Focus of the Ellipsoid requires 36 Ritual Stones: 8 Earth, 8 Water, 8 Fire, 8 Air, and 4 Dusk. Activating one requires a Weak Activation Crystal and 25,000 LP.


Focus of the Ellipsoid is a building. Once activated, Focus creates an ellipsoid out of supplied blocks which can be inserted into the bottom of the Master Ritual Stone.

The dimensions of the ellipsoid guide are controlled by placing item stacks into the inventory above the Master Ritual Stone. The number of items in slot 1 determines the x radius, slot 2 the y radius and slot 3 the z radius.

To fuel the ellipsoid, you must put resources in a chest below the ritual. Because you cannot open it after placing the master rune, Hungry Chests from Thaumcraft are recommended since you can open them after placing the master stone.

The running cost of the ritual is proportional to the average of the radii (rounded up).