Enchantments are permanent, magical alterations to weapons, armors and tools that improve them in several ways. In addition to the suite of enhancements provided by vanilla Minecraft, several mods contribute enchantments[1] of their own.

Available items and blocks for enchanting are as follows;

Vanilla Enchantments[edit]

Name Max Level Item Effects
Depth Strider III Boots Makes you swim faster in water
Protection IV Armor Improves overall damage reduction
Fire Protection IV Armor Extinguishes fire faster and reduces fire damage
Feather Falling IV Boots Reduces fall damage
Frost Walker II Boots Generates ice below the wearer when walking over water
Blast Protection IV Armor Reduces explosive knockback and damage
Projectile Protection IV Armor Reduces damage by projectiles (e. g. Arrows)
Respiration III Helmet Increases underwater breath time
Aqua Affinity I Helmet Increases underwater mining speed to that above ground and improves underwater vision
Thorns III Armor Provides a chance for melee attackers to take damage.
Sharpness V[2] Sword, Axe Increases damage dealt
Smite V Sword, Axe Increases damage dealt against undead (e.g. Skeletons, Zombies and their variants)
Bane of Arthropods V Sword, Axe Increases damage dealt to arthropods (e.g. Spiders and Silverfishs)
Knockback II Sword Knocks hit mobs back farther
Fire Aspect II Sword Ignites hit mobs, except the Ender Dragon
Looting III Sword Increases mob drops or the chance of a drop
Sweeping Edge III Sword Increases damage made by sweep attacks
Efficiency V[2] Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe, Shears Increases mining speed
Silk Touch I Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe, Shears Most mined blocks will always drop themselves instead of their normal drops
Unbreaking III Armor, Weapons, Tools Adds a chance to negate durability reduction
Fortune III Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe Increases yield from blocks that drop items. Also works with Wheat (seed drops), Tall Grass, Nether Wart and Melons.
Power V[2] Bow Increases damage dealt by shots Arrows
Punch II Bow Knocks mobs hit by Arrows back farther
Flame I Bow Ignites shot arrows and mobs hit by them, except the ender dragon
Infinity I Bow Arrows will not be consumed, however at least one arrow is required in the player's inventory
Luck of the Sea III Fishing Rod Decreases "junk" catches while fishing and increasing "treasure" catches
Lure III Fishing Rod Decreases time before fish bite the hook
Mending I all tools, weapons and armor Increases durability when XP orbs are collected and the item is in the hand or armor slots
Channeling I Trident Spawns a lightning bolt when an entity gets hit during a thunderstorm
Loyalty III Trident Trident will return to the player. The higher the enchantment is, the faster it will come back
Impaling V Trident Increases damage made to water mobs
Riptide III Trident Launches the player forward when it is in water or during rain
Multishot I Crossbow Shoots three arrows together, but consumes only one arrow
Piercing IV Crossbow Shot arrows pass through enchantment level + 1 mobs
Quick Charge III Crossbow Reduce time to load arrows.


Curses are negative enchantments that degrade the item.

Name Max Level Item Effects
Curse of Binding I Armor, Elytra, Pumpkin, Heads The item cannot be removed from the armor slot until it breaks or the player dies. (Does only occur by enchanting books or on dropped items)
Curse of Vanishing I Armor, Weapons, Tools, Elytra, Pumkin, Heads, Shield The item will not be dropped on player death (Does only occur by enchanting books or on dropped items)

Mod Enchantments[edit]

Ars Magica 2[edit]

Name Max Level Item Effects
Magic Resistance V Armor Reduces Magic Damage
Soulbound I Most items When the player dies the item/tool/armor will be kept in the inventory and not drop on the ground, similar to "keepinventory" flag for that item. WARNING: using keepinventory alongside the Soulbound enchant will cause the item to disapear when the player die.


Name Max Level Item Effects
Reading I Helmet When looking at items in BiblioCraft blocks in the world their hover text will be displayed
Eternal Compass I Atlas (BiblioCraft) When the player dies, they will spawn with an Eternal Compass which will lead them back to their death point.

CoFH Core[edit]

Name Max Level Item Effects
Holding IV Strongbox, Satchel Increases the amount of slots (8-9 per level).
Multishot IV Reinforced Bow, Flux-Infused Bow Makes bow shoot multiple arrows at 1 arrow cost.


Name Max. Level Items Effect
Force 2
Damage 5
Speed 5
  • Force Tools: increases the effectiveness (mining speed) of a tool on blocks that tool is normally effective against proportionally to the level.
  • Force Bow (max. lvl. 1): makes arrows fly faster and farther.
  • Force Armor (max. lvl. 1): increases the base movement speed of the player as well as the control of movement they have in the air.
  • Force Rod (max. lvl. 3): grants 10 seconds of Speed per level on activation.
  • Power Tools: increase the EU consumption exponentially per level, in addition to the normal effects.
Lumberjack 1
  • Force Axe: breaks every wooden block in a vertical pillar instantly, using twice the durability than usual per block broken.
Heat 4
  • Force Tools: attempts to smelt any drops from mined blocks.
  • Force Armor (max. lvl. 1): increases Force Punch damage by half a heart per level, and sets hit mobs on fire.
  • Force Rod: turns the Rod into a Rod of Fire, which grants 20 seconds of Fire Resistance on use.
Luck 4
  • Force Tools: imbues one level of Fortune per level.
  • Force Sword: imbues one level of Looting per level.
  • Force Bow: imbues one level of Looting per level. This type of Looting is different from vanilla Looting and will increase drops from ranged instead of melee kills.
  • Force Armor (max. lvl. 1): increases Force Punch mob drops, similar to Looting on a weapon.
Grinding 1

Note: Either Thermal Expansion or IndustrialCraft2 is required to use this effect.

Rainbow 1
Experience 1
Holding 1
  • Force Pack: adds 8 additional storage slots. Can be added multiple times by increasing the Upgrade Tome tier.
    • Additional Force Pack Upgrades can be added to add extra storage.
  • Force Rod: allows storing certain entities in Force Flasks when right-clicked with the Rod, at the cost of Rod charge.
Crafting 1
Bane 1
  • Force Sword: imbues Bane, that will curse enemies struck.
  • Force Bow: imbues Bane, that will curse enemies struck.
  • Force Armor: imbues Bane, that will curse enemies struck with any attack.
  • Bane does NOT stack from multiple items.
  • Bane will permanently remove certain monsters inherent abilities, leaving them quite harmless or even quite cute :
    • Creepers hit with the bane effect will forever lose their ability to explode. They will however, still follow you around. Creepy.
    • Enderman and Ender Tots hit with the bane effect permanently lose their ability to teleport. Not so tough without your space-bending theatrics, are you?
Camo 1 *Invisibility Potion
  • Force Rod: Creates a wand of invisibility which gives the player the invisibility buff
  • Force Armor : Makes the armor invisible, showing the players skin instead of the armor pieces
Bleed 3 *Arrow
  • Force Sword: imbues Bleeding, that will curse enemies struck with that weapon.
  • Force Bow: imbues Bleeding, that will curse enemies struck with that weapon.
  • Force Armor: imbues Bleeding, that will curse enemies struck with any attack.
  • Bleeding inflicts one half heart of damage twice per second. It lasts one second per cumulated level of Bleeding.
  • Bleeding from different items DOES stack, for a maximum of 15 seconds.
Healing 2
  • Force Rod (2): turn the rod into a Rod of Healing I (or II), that will add 5 seconds of Regeneration I (or II) on each use, up to 18 seconds.
Touch 1
Charge 5
  • Force Armor : takes 10,000 EU Charge per item instead of durability
  • Does NOT stack with Repair
  • Can be recharged in IC2 EU Storage device
Sight 1
  • Force Rod: give a full minute of Night Vision to the player, stacking up to three minutes.
Soul 5
Wing 1
  • Valid for the Force Sword and Upgrade Core, the Wing upgrade allows for limited flight.
  • A Force Sword with Wing is transformed into a “Wing Sword”, and while held it will allow the user to slow their fall for a short time while holding space.
  • While using a Wing Sword or Wearing Wing*enabled Force Armor a “Wing Meter” will show itself on the top-left portion of the screen. You literally cannot miss it. When this meter is depleted you will fall and be unable to slow your fall until it replenishes.
  • The Wing Meter will replenish itself at a constant rate when you are not in the air, however there is a short penalty recharge time should the meter completely deplete.
  • If the user Holds space and right-clicks with a Wing Sword, they will fling themselves forward a short distance, expending a moderate amount of Wing Power.
  • The player may initiate flight with the Wing Sword by holding Shift and Space at the same time and then right-clicking. Without any buffs to the Wing Meter this will last only 8 seconds.
  • The entire Wing experience is completely client-side as to avoid death by lag.
  • When socketed into Force Armor, each piece with Wing will increase the maximum amount of Wing Power the player has by 100% of the original value. With a full set of Force Armor socketed with Wing, the Wing Meter can be increased to a maximum of 5x the default value.
  • If even one piece of upgraded Force Armor is worn, the user may fly at any time using their remaining Wing Power by holding Shift + Space and then Right*Clicking with empty hands to initiate flight. In addition, if the player has initiated Wing flight while wearing at least one piece of Wing socketed Force Armor the player may switch held items without falling.
  • The max consecutive flight time for a full set of Wing socketed Force Armor is about 40 seconds.
  • The player will be able to automatically walk up 1-block inclines with at least one piece of Wing-socketed gear. Players with Wing-socketed gear will also be able to skate across water using power from the Wing Meter as if they were under the effects of a speed potion.
  • Wing on Force Armor allows players to jump higher the longer they hold the spacebar. With 4 pieces of Wing-socketed Force Armor a player will be able to jump up approximately 10 blocks, or higher if that player learns to perform a "Force Bounce", which is a very quick means of getting around.
  • Wing Armor will absorb fall damage using charge in the Wing Meter instead of damaging the player or their armor. Manually slowing your fall is more preferable, however.
Charge 2 5
  • Force Armor: takes 100,000 EU Charge per item instead of durability
  • Does NOT stack with Repair
  • Can be recharged in IC2 EU Storage device, following IC2 Energy Crystals requirements (tier 2, e.g. MFE or higher)
Ender 1
  • Force Rod: create a Rod of Return, that can be setup to teleport you to a known location on use.
  • Force Pack: create an Ender Pack.
  • Force Bow: Teleports the target to a random location.
  • Force Sword: Creates an Ender Sword. Shift + right click teleports you to target spot.
Light 5
  • Force Sword: Gives Smite on a 1-to-1 ratio with a maximum of 5.
Sturdy 3
  • Force Tool: imbue the vanilla enchant Unbreaking on a 1-to-1 ratio. Unbreaking also affects tools that use extra durability to smelt/grind etc.
  • Force Armor (max. lvl. 1): reduce damages from all sources by a certain amount. The maximum level of Sturdy on Force Armor will result in a 75% damage reduction from all sources (deprecated), rounded up to the nearest half*heart. (Swimming in lava, anyone?)
  • Force Pack: prevent the entity form of the item from de-spawning and makes it indestructible.
Repair 1
  • Repair does not stack.
  • Repair will imbue the Repair enchantment from Thaumcraft on Force Tools, Force Armor and Force Rods of any type, allowing for DartCraft tools to recharge using Thaumcraft's aura.
  • Force Rods may now also be upgraded with Repair when they are upgraded in the Force Infuser. Other than repair Force Rods may still only have one unique upgrade.
  • Force Rods with Repair inside a Force Belt will recharge, but only half as quickly as they would on the hotbar.
Grafting 1
  • Force Axe : act as a Forestry grafter at the cost of significant durability.

Ender Zoo[edit]

Name Max Level Item Effects
Withering 1 Bow Applies Wither effect on hit for 5 seconds
Decay 1 Sword Applies Wither effect on hit for 5 seconds

Forbidden Magic[edit]

Name Max Level Item Effects
Capitalist I Sword Drops Emerald from Villagers. Chance to drop Emerald Fragment from hostile mobs.
Consuming I Pickaxe, Shovel Destroys Cobblestone, Dirt, Gravel, Netherrack.
Corrupting I Pickaxe Adds chance of dropping Nether Shards from Infused Stone.
Educational V Sword Increases amount of XP drop.
Fiery Core IV Pickaxe Increases chance of dropping Ore Cluster.
Impact I Pickaxe, Shovel Makes the tool mine 3x3x1 area.
Voidtouched I Tools, Weapons, Armor Makes it recharge its durability.
Wrath V Sword, Axe Increases attack damage of weapons (similar to Sharpness. Also stacks with it).


NOTE: Default KEY for using enchantments is Left Control

Name Max Level Item Effects
1 Up III Jewelry, Chestplate Each enchantment level heals 3 player hearts
Blink III Jewelry, Sword Higher the enchantment level, further a player can teleport (there needs to be 2 blocks of air above the destination block, also player needs an empty hand)
Luck Of The Irish V Fishing Rod, Hammer Increases enchantability, and increases the chance for getting a bite
Fall Resistance IV Jewelry, Leggings, Boots Each enchantment level prevents fall damage for up to 10 blocks of fall distance + 3
Focus Punch III Jewelry, Chestplate Players hand damage is increased by half a heart for each enchantment level
Leapfrog IV Jewelry, Leggings, Boots Each enchantment level increases player jump height. Jump is activated with a Key
Inferno III Jewelry, Chestplate Enchantment level 1 ignites creatures when punched, level 2 spawns fire with Right Click + Key , at Level 3 player is resistant to lava and fire
Never Hungry V Jewelry, Helmet Each enchantment level increases how much saturation it provides, whilst always refilling players hunger bar
Paraglide II Jewelry, Sword Toggled ability with a Key, level 1 player can only toggle it, level 2 increased the players falling speed. Pressing Shift slows down the falling.
Poison Ivy III Jewelry, Sword Each enchantment level increases poison duration. Level 1 applies poison with punches, level 2 with Right Click and at level 3 player is cured of poison immediately
Reaper III Jewelry, Sword At level 1 players items are kept upon death, at level 2 player might spawn where he died, at level 3 upon respawning, player is resistant to damage for short while
Restoration III Jewelry At level 1 it will repair items player is holding, at level 2 it will repair players hotbar and at level 3 it also will repair armor pieces
Sonic the Hedgehog V Jewelry, Leggings, Boots Ability activated with a Key, each level increases players run speed
Spiderman I Jewelry Allows player to climb walls, holding Shift disables it
Step Up III Jewelry Each enchantment level allows player to step up half a block
Superman III Jewelry, Sword Each enchantment level increases flight speed, holding down the Key will change flying speeds
Timelord I Jewelry Allows freezing of time (day/night), Right click the jewelry in your hand to toggle the settings
Elemental affinity I Jewelry Has different effects depending on the colour of the Pearl


Name Max Level Item Effects
Last Stand II Armor When the user is at half a heart, instead of dying from the next blow it uses XP levels to absorb damage
Unstable III Armor When taking damage, Gunpowder will be consumed to create an explosion that damages mobs and blocks
Flim Flam IV Armor Brings "bad luck" to anything that attacks the player. Effects the attacker can receive include:

- Add Bane of Athropods on random items

- Spawn charged creepers (with 0 blast radius)

- Cause negative potion effects such as Blindness and Nausea. It can also give Jump Boost and Speed. These effects have extremely short duration, but very high potency (around level 50).

- Encase the attacker in dirt when they put down torches

- Shuffle their inventory

- Make about 30% mobs in a 20x20x20 centered around the attacker invisible

- Cause them to drop their items

- Add some random lore to your items' tooltips

- Make them mount nearby mobs (except Squid and Creepers)

- Rename mobs in a 20x20x20 area around them

- Change the color of sheep in a 20x20x20 area around them

- If they are surrounded by air on all sides, creates an ice platform 100 blocks above the ground and teleports them there

- Throw snowballs in a random direction

- Play random sounds

- Spawn a squid with a custom name and make it your hat

- Teleport them randomly by throwing an ender pearl as if it were thrown by them

- Spawn in 0-durability items with random enchants

The effects have different "weights", which means some are more common than others. The "worse" effects will be the least common. As the effects are applied to a player, their bad luck will gradually decrease.


Name Max Level Item Effects
Wrecking V Crowbar Bonus damage
Implosion V Crowbar Creeper bonus damage
Destruction III Crowbar Wide area deconstruction of blocks

RedPower 2[edit]

Name Max Level Item Effects
Vorpal IV Sword, Athame Adds a chance for hit mobs (except Wither Skeletons) to drop their head on death
Disjunction V[2] Sword, Athame Increases damage dealt to Endermen and Wither Skeletons

Simply Jetpacks[edit]

Name Max Level Item Effects
Fuel Efficiency IV Jetpack Decreases fuel usage of a jetpack or flux pack when flying or being damaged.

Soul Shards[edit]

Name Max Level Item Effects
Soul Stealer V[2] Sword Increases the amount of souls gained through killing a mob with a Soul Shard on the hotbar

Special Mobs[edit]

Name Max Level Item Effects
Pain 3 Sword This enchantment causes your attacks or arrows to deal additional damage that bypasses all protections. Each level adds 1 damage (1/2 heart).
Agony 3 Bow
Plague 3 Sword This enchantment causes your attacks or arrows to afflict your target with random, negative potion effects.

Each level applies an extra potion effect per hit. Possible potion effects are: slowness, nausea, blindness, hunger, weakness, and poison. Keep in mind that nausea, blindness, and hunger only affect players, and poison affects very few hostile mobs, but the combination of slowness and weakness is incredibly powerful.

Scourge 3 Bow
Poison Aspect 1 Sword This enchantment causes your attacks or arrows to stack poison on your target, up to poison III.

Each level increases the level of poison applied by a single attack. While poison III can very quickly sap the health from something, it can't kill and affects very few hostile mobs. However, it can prove very effective at dispatching creepers.

Venom 2 Bow


Name Max Level Item Effects
Frugal III Casting Wand Reduces Vis cost by 5% per level
Treasure III Casting Wand Wand-specific variant of Fortune with the same effect
Potency III Casting Wand Increases the wand's power, exact effects depend on wand type. Also INCREASES Vis costs by 5% per level.
Charging I Casting Wand Slowly recharges wand with Vis from local aura
Haste III Boots Increases walking speed
Repair II Thaumium Armor and Tools Slowly repairs the item with Vis from local aura

Thaumic Tinkerer 1[edit]

Name Max Level Item Effects
Freezing I Sword Freezes hit mobs, slowing them down (effect negated by Fire)
Soulbringer I Sword Potentially makes hit undead attack other undead instead of the player
Vampirism II Sword The player will be healed with 1/4 of damage dealt
Ashes I Armor, Weapons When the item breaks, it will be restored, but lose this and two other random enchantments

Thaumic Exploration[edit]

Name Max Level Item Effects
Binding II Sword At level I, slows mobs hit for a few seconds. At level II, prevents Endermen from teleporting and Creepers from exploding for a few seconds.
Night Vision I Helmet Permanent Nightvision potion effect
Disarming III Sword Attacked enemies have a chance to drop their weapons, does not work on other players. Note: The Thorns enchantment from Vanilla also triggers this.

Twilight Forest[edit]

Name Max Level Item Effects
Fiery Aura II Armor If present on all four equipped armor pieces, mobs hitting the player will be set on fire


  1. There exist other enchantments and mechanics for enchanting, such as Tinkers's Construct upgrading and new Thaumcraft 4' infusing.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 The level V book enchant can be obtained by combining two level IV books on an Anvil, it can be found in a loot chests in the dungeons, it can be obtained through villager trades, or can be obtained with the Advanced Enchantment Table, if that mod is enabled.