Blood Orb

Blood Orbs are items from Blood Magic used in crafting and for transferring Life Essence into a Soul Network.

There are six tiers of blood orb available, each capable greater essence storage and allowing for the crafting of more advanced items. Each orb requires a minimum tier of Blood Altar to be crafted and transfer essence into a network.

Blood Orb Tier Capacity Blood Altar Tier
Weak Blood Orb Weak Blood Orb 5,000 1
Apprentice Blood Orb Apprentice Blood Orb 25,000 2
Magician's Blood Orb Magician's Blood Orb 150,000 3
Master Blood Orb Master Blood Orb 1,000,000 4
Archmage's Blood Orb Archmage's Blood Orb 10,000,000 5
Transcendent Blood Orb Transcendent Blood Orb 30,000,000 6