Cry of the Eternal Soul

Cry of the Eternal Soul
Name Cry of the Eternal Soul
Ritual Stones 76
Activation Crystal Awakened Activation Crystal
Activation Cost 2,000,000 LP
Running Cost 2 LP/operation
Effect Transfers LP from Soul Network to Blood Altar

Cry of the Eternal Soul is a Blood Magic Ritual which transfers Life Essence from a Soul Network into a Blood Altar.


A Cry of the Eternal Soul requires 76 Ritual Stones to build: 12 blank, 16 air, 8 water, 20 fire, 12 earth and 8 dusk. It requires 2,000,000 LP and an Awakened Activation Crystal to activate.


Cry of the Eternal Soul fits around a Blood Altar. While active it attempts to transfer LP from the activator's Soul Network into the Blood Altar. Each LP added to the Altar costs 2 LP from the Network.

The Life Essence is added to the Altar's input tank and is subject to the 20 LP/s transfer limit between the input and main tanks. Runes of Dislocation can be used to speed the transfer rate.

While in the ritual's effect range when work is being done, the activator's health will be set to 1 heart.


The effect of the Ritual can be modified by feeding Reagents into the Master Ritual Stone. The following effects are available:

Reagent Effect
Sanctus Sets player to 3 hearts; only operates once per 10 seconds