Bound Shovel

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Bound Shovel
Bound Shovel

Name Bound Shovel
Source Mod Blood Magic
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable No

The Bound Shovel is a tool added by Blood Magic. It functions like any other shovel in terms of what blocks it can dig. It has the speed of a Efficiency I Diamond Shovel, and has infinite durability.

Like all of the bound tools, the Bound Shovel must be activated before it can be used. This is done by sneak-right clicking it.

Standard digging with left click costs 250LP/block. When right clicked it drains 10,000 LP from your network and destroys a 13x13x13 centered around the block clicked.


Binding Ritual GUI.png
Bound Shovel
Diamond Shovel

Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved Expert Mode[edit]

Binding Ritual GUI.png
Bound Shovel
Shovel of the Earthmover (Thaumcraft 4)


Bound Shovel has no known uses in crafting.