Convocation of the Damned

Convocation of the Damned
Name Convocation of the Damned
Ritual Stones 128
Activation Crystal Awakened Activation Crystal
Activation Cost 15,000,000 LP
Effect Creates a demon portal

Convocation of the Damned is a Blood Magic Ritual which creates a demon portal.


The Convocation of the Damned requires 128 Ritual Stones: 36 blank stones, 36 air, 8 water, 24 fire, 8 earth and 16 dusk. Activating it requires an Awakened Activation Crystal, 15,000,000 LP and 8 Crystal Belljars. Note: the player will need 25 Rune of the Orb to be able to hold the amount necessary to perform the ritual.

The belljars have to be placed on top of each of the dusk stone pillars and must contain 16,000 AR of one of the following reagents: magicales, potentia, incendium, terrae, tenebrae, sanctus, aether and aquasalus. In order to drain the reagents from the belljars, 4 Alchemy Relays need to be placed around the master stone. Two reagents need to be linked to each of the alchemy relays and the alchemy relays need to be linked to the master stone using the Alchemic Router. Shift-right click to clear the router, shift-right click on the reagent, right click on the reagent, right click on the alchemy relay, shift-right click in the air to clear the router, right click the alchemy relay, right click the master ritual stone. Do the same for the other reagent. Once both reagents are linked to the relay and the relay linked to the master ritual stone, repeat this process for the remaining relays. NOTE: Make sure the reagents are linked to the relays and the relays are linked to the master stone or nothing will happen. Once all reagents are linked, the player should activate the master ritual stone with an Awakened Activation Crystal. Lightning will strike the ritual, damaging all entities that are struck. All the reagents will drain from the crystal belljars, and a blood rune will appear.

Place a Blood Altar on top of the master stone. You can make a trap on top of the altar to prevent the demon from fleeing before you have the chance to kill it. Once the master ritual stone is activated and all reagents are drained, use a Demon Crystal to spawn a demon on top of the Master Ritual Stone. Then sacrifice the demon on the blood altar using a Dagger of Sacrifice which will open the demon portal. The portal will start spawning demons and houses around you so it is best to do this ritual on a floating island and far away from your base.


The Convocation of the Damned is used to spawn demons who drop Life Shards and Soul Shards. These shards are needed to make a Crystal Cluster and 4 of these crystals are needed to make the Tier 6 blood altar.

Make sure to place your ritual far away from your home base as the demon invasion will take over quite easily. Place the ritual in a large flat area close to the ground. The demon village won't expand into areas where it doesn't have solid ground to spawn on.