Ballad of Alchemy

Ballad of Alchemy
Name Ballad of Alchemy
Ritual Stones 16
Activation Crystal Weak Activation Crystal
Activation Cost 20,000 LP
Running Cost 60 LP/operation
Effect Automates Alchemic Chemistry Set

Ballad of Alchemy is a Blood Magic Ritual which automates the Alchemic Chemistry Set.


A Ballad of Alchemy requires a Blood Altar, 3 chests and 16 Ritual Stones to build: 4 water, 8 fire and 4 dusk. It requires 20,000 LP and a Weak Activation Crystal to activate.


The chest opposite from the Alchemic Chemistry Set is the output chest. The other two chests are inputs. Only one of these chests is necessary. The Chemistry Set requires an Orb to operate.

Place the desired item into the Blood Altar. The ritual will take the necessary items from the input chests and place them into the Alchemic Chemistry Set. The Chemistry Set will create the target item and then place it into the output chest.

Moving the items into and out of the Chemistry Set costs 10 LP/item. The total cost to produce an item is 60 LP plus the item's transmutation cost.


The effect of the Ritual can be modified by feeding Reagents into the Master Ritual Stone. The following effects are available:

Reagent Effect Usage
Potentia Increases Alchemic Chemistry Set speed by a factor of 5 1 for every output item