Blood Altar

Blood Altar
Blood Altar

Name Blood Altar
Source Mod Blood Magic
ID Name
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Blast Resistance 15.0
Hardness 2.0
Solid Yes
Transparent Yes
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Stone Pickaxe

The Blood Altar is a block added by the Blood Magic mod.

The central feature used to transmute items, generate Life Essence and to transfer life essence into a Soul Network. It has an internal buffer of 10,000 LP and single inventory slot.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Gold Ingot
Gold Ingot
Blood Altar

Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved Expert Mode[edit]

GUI Crafting Table.png
Livingrock Slab
Alchemical Furnace
Manasteel Ingot
Attuned Stone
Manasteel Ingot
Blood Altar


The Blood Altar has no GUI. Items can be placed in the altar by Right-clicking it. It can be filled with life essence several ways, the most basic of which is the Sacrificial Orb [1].

To transmute an item in the Altar, it must contain the right item, be of the correct tier or greater and have some life essence in its buffer. While it is operating, the Altar emits red particles (if particles effect option is on). If there is not enough essence in the buffer, the particles turn greyish and the item starts losing progress slowly. Adding essence to the Altar will resume the transmutation. When the process is complete, a puff of red particles is emitted.

A player near a Blood Altar while under the effects of Regeneration will suffer hunger at an accelerated rate.

Item Transfer[edit]

A Blood Altar can have items pumped into and out of its sides. It is possible to place up to a full stack of an item into an Altar this way. It will transmute the entire stack, however the time and essence used is identical to transmuting each item individually.

Fluid Transfer[edit]

Life Essence can be pumped into and out of an Altar with any side. The Altar actually has 2 internal buffers:
1. the main Altar is used for transmutation. Capacity by default = 10,000 LP
2. transfer buffer used to interface with pipes. Capacity = 10% of the main Altar

By default, essence moves between these buffers at 20 LP/s, however, using one or more Rune of Dislocation can increase the transfer rate. But without Rune of Augmented Capacity or Rune of Superior Capacity and without Rune of Acceleration the transfer rate from 1. to 2. buffer is limited to 1000 LP/s.

An empty bucket can be placed into an Altar, which will be filled into a Bucket of Life Essence (1,000 mB). This can be placed into the world or stored in any fluid tank.


A Blood Altar as a multi-block structure, can be upgraded to allow for customization and the ability to produce more powerful items. The Altar only checks for the blocks shown below. Decorative blocks can be added as desired without interfering as long as the structure layout is respected. The Altar's state can be inspected with a Divination Sigil or a Sigil of Sight.

Tier Layout New Runes Total Runes Notes Dimensions
2 Blood Magic Altar Tier 2.png 8 8 There are 8 Blood Runes around the block under the altar. There is no Blood Rune under the Altar. 3×3×2
3 Blood Magic Altar Tier 3.png 20 28 The new Runes are 2 blocks out and 1 block down from tier 2 Runes. The Glowstone is required. The Glass can be any solid block. 7×7×4
4 Blood Magic Altar Tier 4.png 28 56 The new Runes are 2 blocks out and 1 block down from the tier 3 Runes. The Large Bloodstone Bricks are required. The Glass can be any solid block. Note that there is a space between the pillar and the last of the blood runes on each side, so only 7 per side. 11×11×6
5 Blood Magic Altar Tier 5.png 52 108 The new Runes are 3 blocks out and 1 block down from the tier 4 Runes, the Runes will be on the third block out. It's hard to tell from the picture, but the Beacons are one block higher than the new row of runes. The Beacons do not need to be active. 17×17×7
6 Blood Magic Altar Tier 6.png 76 184 The new runes are 3 blocks out and 1 block down from the tier 5 runes. A tower of any blocks (Note: liquids like lava can also be used) is required on each corner with a Crystal Cluster 1 block above the tier 4 Large Bloodstone Bricks. 23×23×9


Runes are used in the construction of higher tiered Blood Altars structure and to customize the Altar's behaviour. There is no limit on how many of a Rune type an Altar can have, however, an Altar can only have a maximum of 184 Runes in the structure. A tier 2 Altar only receives bonuses from the four Runes on the sides, not the four in the corners. At tier 3 and up, all Runes provide bonuses.

Rune Effect
Rune of Augmented Capacity Rune of Augmented Capacity increases capacity by 2,000 LP

Rune of Dislocation Rune of Dislocation increase speed at which liquid Life Essence can be transferred by 20%

Rune of Sacrifice Rune of Sacrifice increase LP gained from sacrificing mobs by 10%

Rune of Self-Sacrifice Rune of Self-Sacrifice increase LP gained from sacrificing own health by 10%

Rune of Superior Capacity Rune of Superior Capacity increases capacity by 10% LP

Rune of the Orb Rune of the Orb increases amount of LP that can be stored in Soul Network by 2%

Speed Rune Speed Rune increases transmutation speed by 20%

Common Build[edit]

It is common to incorporate Well of Suffering, Ritual of the Feathered Knife and Ritual of Regeneration into an Altar as these are designed to fit into it. Common patterns with exact positioning are listed below. Master ritual stone is always placed directly above or below the altar, specified distance from the altar is minimal distance for an exact fit.

Ritual Above an Altar[edit]

Mob sacrifice build:

Self-sacrifice build:

Ritual Under an Altar[edit]

Mob sacrifice and Self-sacrifice build:


The blood altar is used to craft blood magic specific crafting components, ranging from blank slates to ethereal slates and blood orbs up to the transcendent blood orb. The blood altar is also used to craft filled sockets, which are used in combination with the soul forge to create bound armor. Another main use of the Blood Altar is filling Blood Orbs with LP, so that the bound armor and tools, weapons and sigils are available for use.


  1. The Sacrificial Knife is replaced by the Orb by default, but may be activated in the Config file.