The MadPack

The MadPack
The MadPack
Name The MadPack
Creator Kehaan & Jon Bams
Launcher ATLauncher
Latest Version 1.4.5
Minecraft Version 1.6.4

The MadPack is a modpack made for MC version 1.6.4 by Kehaan and Jon Bams and is hosted by ATLauncher. This pack provides users with tech and survival experience. Pack's difficulty is considered to be above the usual level.


The MadPack includes an exclusive resource pack and a few pack-exclusive mods which alter different aspects of the game (like ore generation).

Version 1.4.5 of The MadPack contains the following mods:

Core and Libraries[edit]

Name Author Version
BspkrsCore bspkrs 5.0
CodeChickenCore Chickenbones
CodeChickenLib Chickenbones
CoFH Core Team CoFH
ForgeMultipart ChickenBones
OpenModsLib OpenMods Team 0.4b
PowerCrystals Core PowerCrystals 1.1.8-9


Name Author Version
Air Overhaul Mark719 1.0.1b
Applied Energistics AlgorithmX2 rv14.finale3
ArmorStatusHUD bspkrs 1.15
Ars Magica 2 Mithion 1.1.2b
Battle Towers AtomicStryker 1.6.4
Better Anvil 3.0.9
Better Dungeons 2 2091
BiblioCraft Nuchaz 1.5.5
Biomes O' Plenty Forestride, Adubbz, Amnet, and ted80 1.2.1build434
BuildCraft CovertJaguar 4.2.2
ChickenChunks ChickenBones
ComputerCraft dan200 1.58
Damage Indicators rich1051414
DartCraft BlueDart 0.2.18b
DartPatch Minalien 2.3
Deadly World FatherToast 1.0.1
EnderIO crazypants
EnderStorage ChickenBones
Equivalency Lomeli12 1.2.0
EE3 Pahimar 0.1.140
Evoc ProfMobius 1.0.0a
Extra Cells Leonelf (M3gaFr3ak) 1.6.8f
Extra Utilities RWTema 1.0.3
Falling Meteors Mod AlexDGr8r 2.11.2
Forestry SirSengir
Galacticraft Micdoodle
GraviSuite SeNtiMeL 1.9.9a
Grimoire of Gaia Silentine 1.8.2c
Hardcore Ender Expansion chylex 1.5a
HungerOverhaul iguana_man 2l-build3
Inventory Tweaks Kobata 1.56-dev77
Iron Chests cpw
IndustrialCraft2 Experimental IC2 Team 2.0build397
Infernal Mobs AtomicStryker 1.4.4
InfiniBows Myrathi
Lucky Block PlayerInDistress 4.2.1
Magical Crops Mark719 3.2.0_BETA_16e
MapWriter daveyliam 2.0.17
Minecraft Comes Alive WildBamaBoy 3.6.1
MineFactory Reloaded PowerCrystals 2.7.9-final
MineTweaker Stan Hebben 2.3.1
Mystcraft XCompWiz
Natura mDiyo 2.1.14
Natural Absorption FatherToast 1.2
NEI Addons bdew
NEI Plugins mistaqur
Nether Ores PowerCrystals 2.2.2-55
Not Enough Items ChickenBones
NotEnoughCodecs OpenMods Team 0.1
Obsidian Pressure Plates Myrathi
OpenBlocks OpenMods Team 1.2.7
QuarryPlus denoflionsquarry 1.0.3
Redstone Arsenal Team CoFH
Roguelike Dungeons Greymerk 1.3.0
Ruins AtomicStryker 1.6.4
Small Boats Awger 0.10.6
Soul Shards Reborn Moze_Intel 0.8c
Special AI FatherToast 1.3PRE
Special Mobs FatherToast 2.6
Stackie Lunatrius universal
Thaumcraft 4 Azanor 4.1.0g
Thaumic Tinkerer 2 Vazkii, pixlepix, nekosune 2.3-140
Thermal Expansion Team CoFH
Tinkers' Construct mDiyo, fuj1n, ProgWML5, Sunstrike, and Pillbox
Tinkers' Mechworks mKiyo, fuj1n, ProgWML6, Sunstrike, and Pillbox 0.1.6
Translocator ChickenBones
VeinMiner portablejim 0.10.0
Wireless Redstone ChickenBones Edition ChickenBones
Waila ProfMobius 1.5.2A
Xeno's Reliquary TrainerGuy22 1.1.2b