Name VeinMiner
Creator portablejim
Type Utility
Latest Version 0.36.0
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Forum MC Forum
Root Mod Minecraft Forge
Modpacks Resonant Rise
Sky Factory
Sky Factory 2
The MadPack

VeinMiner allows to break multiple connected, identical blocks at once. On most modpacks the VeinMiner ability is, by default, set to the crouch or Shift key. Also by default veinmining will depreciate your hunger and the durability of the used tool. Upon any item you can break with your hand, for example dirt, wood or sand, will not require you to have a tool in hand, but an item (nothing specific) will have to be in your hand. Respectively veinmining stone, cobblestone, ores, etc. will require a pickaxe.

Mining Tips: Now that you don't need iron and diamond picks to mine faster like in vanilla you can simply make a ton of stone picks and veinmine a tunnel. But try to place a cobble bridge through the middle so as to not mine the ground below you and fall to your death.