Minecraft Comes Alive

Minecraft Comes Alive
Minecraft Comes Alive
Name Minecraft Comes Alive
Creator Unknown
Latest Version 3.6.0
Minecraft Version 1.6.4&1.7.2
Website MC Forums
Root Mod Minecraft Forge
Modpacks Blast Off!
Strawberry Vanilla Pack
The MadPack
TolkienCraft II
Vanilla Overhaul

Minecraft Comes Alive is a mod which changes the vanilla villagers to NPCs which look like Steve. These new NPCs can be interacted with: it is possible to talk to them, trade, give gifts, hire and ask to follow the player.

When first spawning in the world, the player will be asked to select their gender, specify their name (in-game name by default) and choose which gender they are interested in

Interacting with villagers makes it possible to build a relationship. When a relationship is strong enough, it is possible to marry the NPC. Once married, the player can have children. The latter can eventually grow into adults and have their own children.

It is possible to marry other players when playing SMP.