Name AetherCraft
Creator Unknown
Latest Version 1.4.5
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website Minecraft Forums
Root Mod Minecraft Forge
Modpacks The MadPack

AetherCraft is a mod by iconmaster which introduces the concept that all items are composed of Aether. AetherCraft enables the player to break down items into pure Aether, and turn that Aether into other items. Its mechanics are heavily inspired by Equivalent Exchange 2, with EE2's Energy-Matter Currency (EMC) replaced with Aether Values (AV).


  • Basic Devices
    • Aether Extractor - turns items into AV
    • Aether Condenser - turns AV into items
    • Aether Conduit - a pipe that can transfer Aether between devices
    • Aether Manipulator - turns items into AV, and AV into items
    • Aether Container - an Aether storage block
    • Aether Infuser - infuses items with Aether to make advanced crafting components
  • Infused Devices - upgrades of their respective Basic Devices
    • Infused Extractor
    • Infused Condenser
    • Infused Conduit
    • Infused Manipulator
    • Infused Container
    • Aether Catalyzer
    • Aether Reconstructor - uses AV to repair tools
  • Gilded Devices - top-tier machines
    • Gilded Extractor
    • Gilded Condenser
    • Gilded Conduite
    • Gilded Manipulator
    • Gilded Container


  • Aether Battery - portable AV storage
  • Aether Cell - better portable AV storage
  • Infused Ingot - an Aether-infused gold ingot, used for powerful tools
    • Aether Sword
    • Aether Hammer
    • Gilded Ingot - an Infused Ingot, with extra Aether added
    • Wrought Band - the base crafting material of all functional AetherCraft Rings
    • Ring of Repair - uses AV to repair tools in your inventory
    • Ring of Flight - uses AV to allow Creative-like flight
  • Aetheral Focus - high-tier crafting component
    • Golden Matter - top-tier crafting component