Roguelike Dungeons

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Roguelike Dungeons
Name Roguelike Dungeons
Creator Unknown
Latest Version 1.3.4
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Forum Minecraft Forums
Root Mod Unspecified
Modpacks Bevo's Tech Pack
Blast Off!
Blood N' Bones
Feed The Beast Horizons
Feed The Beast Monster
The Crack Pack
The Crack Pack 2
The MadPack
TolkienCraft II

The Roguelike Dungeons mod adds procedurally generated dungeons to the world. The only part of the dungeon visible aboveground is the entrance, usually a castle, house, or some other sturcture, heavily dependent on the config used. By default, there are rooms in the above-ground structure, with a loot chest with leather armor, a info book, and other loot. The stairs that lead up to the room also go winding down into the ground, leading to the dungeons.

Each dungeon consists of 5 floors stacked vertically, each floor with a unique style. The halls extend very far, branching out into mazelike corridors, and leading to various rooms with spawners, and loot chests. Loot chests can also be found embedded in the walls of the halls, so be sure to keep a eye out for them. The spawners have mobs spawn with random armor, ranging from leather to diamond, enchanted with variable enchantments. By default, they spawn only vanilla mobs.

Dungeon generation is highly customizable though the use of config files. The loot found, blocks which make up the dungeon, and details such as the size and how spread out the dungeon are can all be customized.