The ATLauncher logo
The main ATLauncher window, currently showing part of the modpack list

The ATLauncher is an unofficial Minecraft launcher developed by RyanTheAllmighty that allows for easy installation of modpacks, without having to manually install each mod and adjust the configuration. It is similar in its functionality to other launchers, like the Feed The Beast Launcher, but unlike most others none of the available modpacks are created by the launcher developer. Some modpacks were created by only one person, whereas others are maintained by a team of people.


Notable features of the ATLauncher include:

  • Modpack instancing: One pack can be installed multiple times as independent instances, with possibly different versions and mod configurations
  • Customization: Many modpacks include optional mods that can be enabled or disabled on installation, custom mods may also be added and removed after installation
  • Server support: Almost all modpacks include server instances that can be run immediately after installation, without having to manually configure them
  • Private packs: Pack creators and server admins can create packs available only by entering a code or on a whitelist basis
  • Modification from scratch: Any vanilla Minecraft version available on the default launcher can be instanced, most with Minecraft Forge preinstalled, ready to be modified
  • Backups: An instance's world folder can easily be backed up in one click, allowing for quick restoration on world loss
  • Multiple accounts: Any number of accounts may be registered in the launcher, and instances can optionally be made private so only one account can access them
  • Java options: Common Java parameters, such as RAM heap size, PermGen size, or game window dimensions, can be set in the launcher options
  • Cross-platform: The launcher is available as a native Windows exe or Mac OS X app, or as a universal jar application
  • Open source: The launcher's entire source code can be viewed on GitHub

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