Name SolitaryCraft
Creator Haighyorkie
Launcher ATLauncher
Latest Version 8-Alpha9
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website ATLauncher Forum Section

SolitaryCraft is a modpack for Minecraft 1.7.10 distributed via the ATLauncher. Rather than focusing on a specific theme the pack aims at giving players full control over what mods they want to use: a total of over 100 mods are available, but only six of them are required. This includes a few libraries such as Minecraft Forge, OpenEye for crash reports, and Thermal Foundation to ensure correct ore generation.

Modpack Description[edit]

The 1.7.10 version has finally arrived! After a long long wait we're back with an updated version of one of the original modpacks on ATLauncher and one of the longest running out there! SolitaryCraft 8 is in alpha stages and you can help test it right now! Please be aware these are early versions of 1.7.10 mods and we are still in testing phase. Things could change!


Version 8-Alpha9 of the pack contains the following mods:

Name Version Notes
3D Furnace optional
Another One Bites the Dust recommended
Applied Energistics 2 recommended
Archimedes' Ships recommended
ArmorStatusHUD recommended
Aroma1997Core recommended
AromaBackup recommended
AsieLib recommended
Baubles recommended
BiblioCraft recommended
Biomes O' Plenty recommended
Blocklings optional
Blood Magic recommended
Botania recommended
bspkrsCore recommended
BuildCraft recommended
Carpenter's Blocks recommended
Chisel recommended
CoFH Framework recommended
Computronics recommended
CoroUtil optional
CraftHeraldry optional
Damage Indicators recommended
Dimensional Anchors recommended
Doggy Talents optional
Dynamic Lights recommended
Electrical Age optional
Enchvil optional
EnderIO recommended
EnderStorage recommended
Ender Utilities optional
Equivalent Exchange 3 optional
EvilCraft optional
Ex Nihilo recommended
Extended Workbench optional
ExtraTiC recommended
Extra Utilities recommended
Factorization recommended
Finndus Fillies recommended
Forestry recommended
ForgeMultipart recommended
Gany's End recommended
Gany's Nether recommended
Gany's Surface recommended
GrowthCraft recommended
Haggis Mod optional
Hardcore Questing Mode recommended
Hopper Ducts recommended
Immibis Core recommended
IndustrialCraft2 Experimental recommended
Inventory Tweaks recommended
InvWorks optional
Iron Chests recommended
JourneyMap recommended
Lord of the Rings optional
Lucky Blocks optional
Lycanites Mobs optional
Mantle recommended
Mekanism recommended
Metallurgy recommended
Metallurgy Core recommended
Minecraft Forge
MineFactory Reloaded recommended
MineTweaker recommended
ModTweaker recommended
ModularPots optional
Mouse Tweaks recommended
Natura recommended
Necromancy recommended
Not Enough Items recommended
OpenBlocks recommended
OpenModsLib recommended
OpenComputers recommended
Pam's Clay Spawn optional
Pam's HarvestCraft recommended
PneumaticCraft recommended
Professor Flaxbeard's Wondrous Steam Power Mod optional
Progressive Automation recommended
Project Red recommended
Redstone Arsenal recommended
Refined Relocation recommended
RemoteIO recommended
RPG Advanced Mod optional
SciAPI optional
Simply Jetpacks optional
Spice of Life optional
Steve's Carts 2 recommended
Steve's Factory Manager recommended
Thermal Expansion recommended
Thermal Foundation
Tinkers' Construct recommended
Tinkers' Mechworks recommended
Tinkers' Construct Tooltips recommended
Twilight Forest recommended
VeinMiner optional
Waila recommended
Waila Harvestability recommended
Witchery recommended
Zombie Awareness optional

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