Gany's End

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Gany's End
Name Gany's End
Creator Unknown
Latest Version 1.8.0
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website Wiki
Forum Minecraft Forum post
Root Mod Minecraft Forge
Modpacks Feed The Beast Horizons
Feed The Beast Unstable
Resonant Rise
Vanilla Overhaul

Gany's End is a mod that adds several new items pertaining to the End dimension of vanilla Minecraft. Examples of items added by the mod are Ender Pearl Blocks and End Stone Bricks. Ender Flowers can be found in the End, and instead of returning a specific dye, it has multiple crafting recipes for each dye.

The Block Shifter and Entity Shifter is able to teleport blocks and entities respectively to a location specified by using the Ender Tag.

An Inventory Binder is a block that is linked directly to the Player's inventory - any items inserted into it will appear in the inventory, and any items extracted from it will remove items from the inventory. The Inventory Binder also stares at the general direction of the Player.

Ender Furnaces use ender items as fuel, and has a variety of recipes.

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