Test Pack Please Ignore

Test Pack Please Ignore
Test Pack Please Ignore
Name Test Pack Please Ignore
Creator TPPI Team
Launcher Feed The Beast Launcher
Latest Version 1.1.2
Minecraft Version 1.6.4

Test Pack Please Ignore (TPPI) is private third-party GregTech 4-based pack designed for Feed The Beast Subreddit. The pack was designed and configured with a much slower feel to it. This, along with an extensive modlist, allows for more long-term worlds. Apart from a list of the top 1.6.4 mods, it includes a utility mod TPPI-Tweaks.


Version Release Date Changes
0.1.0 January 23, 2014 Modpack pre-release as a private pack under the password "MegaSharkPunch"
0.1.1 January 24, 2014 Bug Fixes
0.1.2 January 25, 2014 Bug Fixes
0.2.0 February 2, 2014 Mod Updates, Tweaks, Bug Fixes
0.2.1 February 5, 2014 Bug Fixes
0.2.2 February 11, 2014 Bug Fixes
0.2.3 February 12, 2014 Bug Fixes
0.3.0 March 7, 2014 Added Advanced Genetics, ServerTools, Infernal Mobs, Removed Mariculture, LegacyCraft and Dragon API.
1.0.0/1 PRE March 29, 2014 Pre-release of public version, includes many mod updates and a few additions.
1.0.2 PRE March 30, 2014 Many bug fixes since 1.0.0/1, brings the pack nearer to public release.
1.0.3 PRE April 23, 2014 Huge amount of bug fixes since 1.0.2, more tweaks, Enhanced Portals 3 removed, JABBA added to the pack.
1.0.4 PRE May 25, 2014 More bug fixes, mod updates and tweaks. Remote IO removed from the pack. EiraIRC, OpenEye, TiCTooltips, and FZAddons added to the pack.
1.0.5 PRE August 5, 2014 Redstone Armory and Animation API (for Ars Magica 2) added. TPPI-Tweaks split into 3 mods: TPPI-Tweaks, Modpack Tweaks, and Recipe Tweaking Core. Various mod updates and config tweaks. Note: This version broke crafting so is therefore not available to download anywhere.
1.0.6 PRE August 8, 2014 Crafting was fixed and now works. MFFS and Thermal Expansion updated.
1.1.0 August 23, 2014 Public release! Updated Redstone armory and some other config tweaks. Was removed from launcher due to being broken.
1.1.1 August 25, 2014 Fixed 1.1.0 brokenness, proper public release. Some minor mod updates and config changes.
1.1.2 September 28, 2014 Mod version updates for Carpenter's Blocks, Mekanism, Logistics Pipes, TPPI Tweaks and EiraIRC. Some very minor config tweaks.

Mod List[edit]

As of version 1.1.2 TPPI contains the following mods.



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