Crash Landing

Crash Landing
Crash Landing
Name Crash Landing
Creator iskandar
Launcher Feed The Beast Launcher
Latest Version 1.1.3
Minecraft Version 1.6.4
Website Forum post with changelog

Crash Landing is modpack made by Iskandar for Minecraft 1.6.4 and is hosted as a third-party pack at Feed The Beast Launcher.

It utilizes the HQM mod to create a pack with controlled progression via quests. In Crash Landing the player is in constant danger of dehydration and overheating, fighting these 2 conditions and expanding the base is the main goal. Unlike the other "quest" packs like Agrarian Skies, successful quest completion never grants extra lives. Instead, the player has to use Sync's Shell Constructors and Shell Storages in order to respawn. The game's difficulty is set to Hardcore. If a player dies, they can click "New game" and start afresh without redownloading the map.

Mod List[edit]

The most recent version of Crash Landing pack includes the following mods by default:

Mod Author Version
Applied Energistics 2 AlgorithmX2 RV2 Stable-10
AutoPackager smbarbour 1.4
BiblioCraft Nuchaz 1.10.4
Big Reactors Erogenous Beef 0.4.3A
ChickenChunks ChickenBones
CodeChickenCore chicken_bones
CodeChickenLib chicken_bones
CoFH Core Team CoFH 3.0.3B2-294
CoroUtil 1.7.10
Config Mod 1.7.10
EnviroMine TimbuckTato 1.1.63
Ex Aliquo Zerokyuuni 0.11.2
Ex Nihilo Erasmus Crowley 0.29e
Extra Cells 2 Leonelf (M3gaFr3ak) 2.2.73b129
Extra Utilities RWTema 1.2.5
ForgeMultipart ChickenBones
Generator Mods Formivore, GotoLink 0.1.4
Pam's HarvestCraft MatrexsVigil 1.1.4
HarvestCraft Waila squeek 1.0.4
Hardcore Questing Mode lorddusk, Newcastlegeek, Vswe 4.0.5
HungerOverhaul iguana_man 2l-build4
Inventory Tweaks jimeo_wan, kobata 1.59-dev-152
Iron Chests cpw
JABBA ProfMobius 1.2.1a
Lockdown TheAdubbz
MineFactory Reloaded PowerCrystals, skyboy 2.8.0-104
MineTweaker 3 StanH 3.0.9C
MobProperties FatherToast 0.2
ModTweaker joshie 0.3
NEI Addons bdew 1.105.70
NEI Plugins mistaqur
Not Enough Items chicken_bones
Not Enough Keys Mr. okushama 1.0.0b29
OpenBlocks Mikeemoo 1.4.3
OpenModsLib OpenMods Team, Mikee 0.5
PneumaticCraft MineMaarten 1.9.2-88
PowerCrystalsCore PowerCrystals 1.1.8-9
Redstone Arsenal Team CoFH 1.1.1B1-85
Ruins AtomicStryker 1.6.4
Simply Jetpacks tonius11 0.3.1
Sort Fix LexManos 1.0
Special Mobs FatherToast 3.0
Special AI (disabled by default) 1.0 PRE
Spice Of Life squeek 1.0.3c
Steve's Drought 4
Steve's Factory Manager Vswe A93
Sync iChun 2.2.3
Thermal Expansion Team CoFH 4.0.2B2-210
Tinkers' Construct mDiyo 1.8.5
TiC Tooltips squeek 1.1.8
TiC Tweaks 1.0.3
Tinkers' Mechworks pillbox, Gyro, mDiyo 0.1.6
Tinkers' Steelworks Toopz
Update Checker Mod 1.6.4
Waila ProfMobius 1.5.10
Waila Harvestability squeek 1.1.2
Zan's Minimap Zaneris 1.6.4
Zombie Awareness Corosus 1.9.3

See Also[edit]

Java 8 Incompatibility[edit]

The version of Forge this modpack uses has to be patched to have Forge work with a 1.6.4 modpack and Java 8. An archive of LexManos' Legacy Patcher can be found here. -Dfml.ignoreInvalidMinecraftCertificates=true must be added to the Java arguments. Alternately updating Forge build to may also resolve the java.util.ConcurrentModificationException crash.