Frame (Forestry)

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Frames are craftable items added by Forestry, Extra Bees, and Magic Bees for Bee Breeding. Frames are placed in the three middle slots of an Apiary, between the Drone and Princess/Queen slots and the output slots. The order or combination of frames does not affect production, only the number and type. Frames were added in the same mod version where production of the basic Apiary was reduced, thus they are necessary for a hive to operate at maximum efficiency. They can also be added to an Alveary if it contains a Frame Housing block.

Frames can alter several properties of bees, such as production speed, mutation chance, or lifespan. If multiple frames are present in an apiary or alveary, their effects stack multiplicatively. For example, where a single untreated frame will double the production speed of an apiary from 10% (relative to the speed of an alveary) to 20%, 3 frames of this type will increase the speed to 10%*23=80%.

Forestry Frames[edit]

There are 3 types of basic frame; Untreated Frames, Impregnated Frames, and Proven Frames. The first two can be made by the player, but the Proven Frame may only be purchased from NPC Villagers. These frames double the production rate of an Apiary per frame, no matter the type. The difference between frames is how long they will last; all three have a limited durability which decreases while the Queen is actively producing. Untreated Frames have the shortest lifespan whereas Proven have the longest.

Name Durability Function
Item Untreated Frame.png Untreated Frame 80 x2 Production
Item Impregnated Frame.png Impregnated Frame 240 x2 Production
Item Proven Frame.png Proven Frame 720 x2 Production

Extra Bees Frames[edit]

Extra Bees adds five additional frame types, though only four of them are available legitimately in game. The Nova Frame is intended for testing purposes and has no crafting recipe. The Chocolate Frame increases production yield at the expense of lifespan - it is very useful to speed up generational turnover of hives while perfecting a lineage. Soul Frames reduce lifespan and yield in exchange for boosting mutation rate. Restraint Frames reduce the range of a Queen's Effect, while Healing Frames prolong lifespan and reduce mutation rate at the expense of production. All values given are per frame.

Name Durability Function
Item Chocolate Frame.png Chocolate Frame 240 x1.5 Production, x0.5 Lifespan
Item Healing Frame.png Healing Frame 240 x1.5 Lifespan, x0.75 Production, x0.5 Mutation Rate
Item Nova Frame.png Nova Frame 240 Shortens lifespan to one cycle and changes Mutation Rate to 100%. Unobtainable except if in Creative Mode or as an OP on a server.
Item Restraint Frame.png Restraint Frame 240 x0.75 Lifespan, x0.75 Production, x0.5 Area (for special Effects, such as Poison, Flammable, Beatific, etc.)
Item Soul Frame.png Soul Frame 80 x1.5 Mutation Rate, x0.75 Lifespan, x0.25 Production

Magic Bees[edit]

Name Durability Function
Item Gentle Frame.png Gentle Frame 200 x1.5 Lifespan, x1.4 Production, x0.7 Mutation Rate, -1 Vis per use, "Sano" and "Victus" Flux will be released
Item Magic Frame.png Magic Frame 240 x2 Production, -2 Vis per use
Item Metabolic Frame.png Metabolic Frame 120 x1.2 Production, x1.8 Mutation Rate, -5 Vis per use, "Permutatio" and "Motus" Flux will be released
Item Necrotic Frame.png Necrotic Frame 270 x0.3 Lifespan, x0.75 Production, -1 Vis per use, "Mortuus" and "Venenum" Flux will be released
Item Resilient Frame.png Resilient Frame 840 x2 Production, -2 Vis per use, "Tutamen" Flux will be released
Item Temporal Frame.png Temporal Frame 300 x2.5 Lifespan, -1 Vis per use, "Tempus" Flux will be released
Item Oblivion Frame.png Oblivion Frame 60 Sets lifespan of the bee equal to one cycle (27.5 seconds or 550 ticks), -15(?) Vis per use, "Tempus" flux will be released. Has an 'end-game' recipe, and can be found as loot in dungeon chests.