Diurnal is a genetic trait that allows Bees to work during the day (or in an Alveary with an Alveary Lighting block (?) ), much as Nocturnal allows them to work at night. Without this trait, bees will not work during the day (between dawn and sunset). The Diurnal trait can be inherited by bee species that do not have it naturally through crossbreeding. A given bee will either be Diurnal or not, as there are only two possible values for this trait.

For a bee to work around the clock, it must have both the Diurnal and Nocturnal traits. Conversely, if a bee lacks both the Diurnal and Nocturnal traits, it will not work regardless of the time of day (?).

NON-Diurnal Bees Table[edit]

Most species of bee have the Diurnal trait. The species listed below do NOT have the Diurnal trait as the standard genetics for their species. As such, these bees will NOT work during the day. Any species not listed here does have the Diurnal trait, and will work during the day.

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Non-Diurnal Bee Species