Flower (Forestry)

Flowers is a trait inherited by Bees that determines what type of block they require nearby in order for a hive to be productive. "Flower" is a bit of a misnomer, as some Bee Species need inanimate objects or plants without a flowering body. The speed at which a hive spreads or speeds the growth of its flower is determined by the Pollination trait. Certain types of multi-block "flower" will exceed their normal growth limits, such as Cacti or Sugar Cane, when a hive with the matching Flower trait is present and active. The flower trait can be altered through Bee Breeding or use of an appropriate Serum in an Inoculator. The rate at which the bee speeds the growth/spreads the "flower" that it acts upon can be affected by the Flowering trait.

Keyword Actual Requirement Spreads Speeds Growth
Flowers Vanilla Yellow Flower, Rose, Buttercup, Cala Lily, Hydrangea, or Purple Flower Yes No
Jungle Vanilla Vine or Fern Vine: yes; fern: unknown No
Mushroom Vanilla brown Mushroom or red Mushroom. Toadstool will not work, nor will giant mushrooms. Unknown Unknown
Cacti Vanilla Cactus. Will grow taller than 3 blocks. No Yes
Lily Pad Vanilla Lily Pads Yes No
Wheat Vanilla Wheat No No
Rock Any stone block, such as Cobblestone, Smooth Stone, or any type of Stone Brick No No
Reeds Vanilla Sugar Canes. Will grow taller than 3 blocks. No Yes
Redstone Redstone Torch* No No
Nether Vanilla Netherwart No Unknown
End Ender Dragon Egg(Chorus in 1.10.2+) No No
Magic Flowers Shimmerleaf or Cinderpearl (Will spread both flowers, but cinderpearl grow only on sand near the apiary) Yes No
Books Vanilla Bookshelves No No
Node Node from Thaumcraft 3. No Yes
Purify Node Similar to Node. Must be near a Node with some Flux. Removes Flux from the Node and turns them into Crystallized Aspects. May also slowly reduce Vis levels of nearest node? Changes to Node after TB 1.4.4a. Replaced with Purify Aura Effect. No No
Fluxify Node The antithesis of Purify Node. Must be near a Node of any type. Adds Flux of random aspects to the Node. Changes to Node after TB 1.4.4a. Replaced with Aura Flux Effect. No No
Exotic Flowers Ars Magica 2 flowers like Aum, Tarma Root, Desert Nova, and Blue Orchid. No No
None Requires no nearby objects as a "flower". No No

* Redstone Torches seem to be the only acceptable item for this type of flower requirement. Neither Redstone Ore, Redstone Dust (powered or unpowered), RedPower components nor Red Alloy Wire will work.