Force Rod

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Force Rod
Force Rod

Force Rod

Name Force Rod
Source Mod DartCraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Tool
Stackable No

A Force Rod is used to transform various vanilla items and blocks into new DartCraft items and blocks. For example, a Force Infuser is created by right-clicking a Enchanting Table with a charged Force Rod.

In Beta 0.2.18 you could craft an Enchanting Table with a Force Rod.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Force Ingot

Force Stick

Force Nugget

Force Rod

Instead of a Force Stick, a regular Stick may be used, however, the resulting Force Rod will be almost broken with only three (3) uses left. The force rod can be repaired in an anvil to restore usages/durability.


The Force Rod can be also used on dropped items and in the regular crafting table to transmute them into other items.

  • Steel items: the player can use the Force Rod to transmute the item into steel ingots. The number of ingots you get will be the same used to craft that item minus 1 (ie: if you transmute a Steel Chest Plate you will get 7 ingots back).
  • Bronze Items: Same as steel.
  • Iron Items: Same as steel.
  • Enchantment books: These can be transmuted into a varied (depending on enchant power) number of Bottles of Enchanting.
  • Fire: You can use the Force Rod on fire and it will drop it as an item therefore enabling the crafting of Chain Armor.
  • Force Tools: These can be transmuted into force shards.
  • Inert Core: You can light this on fire with flint and steel, then use the Force Rod to turn it into Bottled Wither.