Force Flask

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The force flask is crafted by using one force nugget in the top middle with a triangle of glass underneath.

The force flask is used with a Rod of Holding to bottle passive mobs. It is very useful for moving whole villages of villagers at once, or you entire animal farm (take your pick). Hostile mobs can be bottled if the config allows it, but it is disabled by default in FTB.

The force flask can be applied to Force Rods in the Force Infuser to create a Rod of Holding, or to Force Packs to increase their space up to a maximum of 40 slots. Force pack upgrades must be applied one at a time (if two flasks are applied at once, one is wasted). To get more space for your force pack you must increase the level of your Upgrade Tome

Here's the equation: UT level - 1 = total number of upgrades to force pack.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Force Nugget



Force Flask