TNT Cart

TNT Cart
TNT Cart

Name TNT Cart
Source Mod Railcraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Cart
Stackable Unknown

The TNT Cart is a minecart added by Railcraft, and is essentially equivalent to Vanilla minecraft's Minecart with TNT. Its main use is to allow the user to deliver TNT explosions while remaining a safe distance away. It has the same explosive force as standard TNT.

The TNT Cart can be detonated like normal TNT by setting it on fire with a Flint and Steel. However, it is probably more effective to use either Activator Tracks, which when powered by a redstone signal will activate the TNT Cart with the default 40 tick (2 second) delay, or with Priming Tracks, which will also activate the TNT Cart but the fuse length can be customized with a Crowbar. A Launcher Track also works well with TNT Carts, as it will send the TNT cart flying into the air, allowing you to avoid the explosion destroying your tracks and can be used as a more flexible TNT Cannon.

However, for most cases, Railcraft's Wooden TNT Cart is a better choice, as it seems to behave exactly like the TNT Cart, yet is much cheaper to make and avoids you wasting a Minecart on each explosion. However, some servers may ban its use.

The TNT Cart will explode directly if it goes down unpowered Elevator Tracks. It explodes upon reaching the last elevator track. It will not explode if it is carried up the elevator tracks (powered elevator tracks).


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Minecart (Minecraft)

TNT Cart

See Also[edit]

  • Pumpkin Cart - A weaker and cheaper version of the TNT Cart, but can only be crafted in October and November.