Batbox Cart

Batbox Cart
Batbox Cart

Name Batbox Cart
Source Mod Railcraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Cart
Stackable Yes (64)
Energy 40,000 EU

A Batbox Cart is a specialized minecart from Railcraft that can transport IndustrialCraft2 EU. Like a standard BatBox, it carries 40,000 EU. It can receive power from an Energy Loader and is removed from an Energy Unloader.


GUI Crafting Table.png

Minecart (Minecraft)

Batbox Cart


The main advantage of transporting power by minecart is that it does not have the distance related energy loss that cables have. It is ideal for receiving power from say a Volcano power station, though you'll need to use World Anchors if the route would not be in loaded chunks most of the time.

Transporting EU over vertical distance will not experience this problem however, so energy carts used with Elevator Tracks maybe an ideal way to get power from a Wind Mill farm to bring down to your main base.

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