Name Owl
Health 5 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHalf Heart.png)
Damage 1 (Half Heart.png)
Hostility Neutral
Spawn Doesn't spawn, must be mutated
Drops Feather
Rare Drops Owlet's Wing
Source Mod Witchery

The Owl is a mob from the Witchery mod. This mob does not spawn naturally, they must be mutated from a wolf and bats. Owls can be tamed with Raw Beef or Raw Porkchop but are skittish like ocelots, once tamed they can be healed the same way and can breed when fully healed and fed the same meat.

Owls can have fifty health if they are turned into a familiar.

Owls will use brews or splash potions they are given.

Owls are able to be dyed.


Owls are created by mutating a wolf with bats. To do so, place a cobweb above a Water source block and surround it in the North, South, East, and West directions with Critter Snares that have bats in two to four of them (the number of bats in critter snares is equal to the number of owls that will be mutated), then place in the North-West, South-West, South-East, and North-East locations four grasspers holding three Mutandis Extremis and the last one holding an Attuned Stone (Charged). Then lure a wolf into the cobweb and use a Mutating Sprig on the cobweb.