Curse of Misfortune

Curse of Misfortune
Name Curse of Misfortune
Source Mod Witchery
Type Spell

The Curse of Misfortune is a spell added by the Witchery mod. It is one of Witchery's curses that will randomly cause random debuffs on the victim until the curse is removed.

The curse can be negated with a Voodoo Protection Poppet and that can be negated by having a cat familiar which can be negated by having a second Voodoo Protection Poppet but having a full set of Witch Hunter armor will give a ninety percent chance of protecting the victim.

The curse can only be removed with a Rite of Remove Curse but failed attempts to remove will make the curse one level stronger. The level of the curse itself is dependent on the skill of the witch casting the spell but is also buffed up by one by having a cat familiar and it is buffed up by one more for every two witches in the witch's coven.


GUI Infernal Circle Magic.png
Taglock Kit
Exhale of the Horned One
Brew of the Grotesque
Fermented Spider Eye

Altar Power: 2000

  • Taglock kit must be bound.
  • This spell only works during a storm.