Brew of Vines

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Brew of Vines
Brew of Vines

Name Brew of Vines
Source Mod Witchery
ID Name Unknown
Type Potion
Stackable Unknown
Brew Level 2

The Brew of Vines is an item added by the Witchery mod. It is a throwable potion that causes a vine to instantly grow up and down the vertical surface it hits, stopping when that vertical plane stops. This brew makes for an excellent instant ladder system for ascending or descending vertical structures.

The vines can climb or descend step formations in rock walls so long as they do not move back more than one block per block risen. A sheer wall that ascends six blocks followed by a step and another ascent of six blocks will therefore be scaled by a single brew's worth of vines. Having a toad familiar increases this to two blocks distance. Vines will tunnel though leaves, allowing an easy way to ascend most trees.

When used on a player vines will still appear but the player will be more susceptible to fire damage.

If the brew does not hit a vertical surface, it will bounce off and can be picked up again.

Recipe [1][edit]

GUI Kettle.png
Brown Mushroom
Red Mushroom
Tongue of Dog
Reek of Misfortune
Brew of Vines

Cheapest Custom Brew [2][edit]

GUI Witch's Cauldron None.png
Witch's Cauldron
Nether Wart
Altar Power: 150
Brew of Bat Burst

  1. Wearing a Witches Hat and/or Robes while brewing can yield more brews than three.
  2. The Effect is the final stage of brewing, the ingredients needed for Capacity, Power, Duration, Modifier, and Dispersal must be added first.