Flame Imp

Flame Imp
Name Flame Imp
Health 50 (Heart.png x 25)
Damage 4 (Heart.pngHeart.png)
Hostility Hostile
Spawn Anywhere with the Rite of Summoning
Source Mod Witchery

The Flame Imp is a mob from the Witchery mod. This mob does not spawn naturally, they must be forced into the world via a Rite of Summoning. Unlike their demon cousin, these imps are more magically inclined and less physically inclined. They are good for binding with a contract to cast the special Imp Magic that is fire-themed and not usable without an imp, but they will attack whoever they see though so if the witch summoning them wants to bind them with a contract it is a good idea to do it fast.

To bind with the flame imp in a contract a witch needs a Demonic Contract signed in blood (craft the two components together) and use the contract on the imp with 25 experience levels to give him as a down payment. Once the contract is binding the imp will not leave the area and will attack anyone who is hostile against the witch it has a contract with.

Feeding an imp a Demon Heart can give the imp a temporary larger size and twice as much damage dealt, but all imp magic will be uncastable for a brief thirty minutes or until it is pricked with Icy Needles.

Imp Magic[edit]

To be able to cast imp magic through a bound imp, spells must be given to the witch from the imp and will be once they are suitably impressed with their witch. To impress an imp, give them various valuable gifts.

Once they are suitably impressed the witch can craft a specific contract for the spell with the taglock of the target for the spell and then give the contract to the imp for him to cast. The target must be in the same dimension as the imp in order for the spell to reach the target. A list of possible spell contracts are listed below: