Demon Heart

Demon Heart
Demon Heart

Name Demon Heart
Source Mod Witchery
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

The Demon Heart is very evil and very powerful. One can acquire such an item only from demons themselves either through trading with a demon or killing a demon. As with most special Witchery drops, killing a demon with an Arthana would give better chances of it dropping.


Demon Hearts can be used for imbuing oneself with the Infernal Infusion.

They can also be placed as decoration and will provide power for nearby Altars, but be careful, they do influence dreams!

Eating a demon heart will grant demon powers temporarily to the eater, but humans are not made for such power or even for the constant hunger of demons so eating a demon heart can be dangerous, especially so when the powers wear off...

Demon Heart can be used to create the following items: