Curse of Raining Toads

Curse of Raining Toads
Name Curse of Raining Toads
Source Mod Witchery
Type Spell

The Curse of Raining Toads is a spell added by the Witchery mod. It is one of Witchery's curses that will rain down toads that explode in a poisonous mist upon your chosen location.

The curse can be negated with a Voodoo Protection Poppet and that can be negated by having a cat familiar which can be negated by having a second Voodoo Protection Poppet but having a full set of Witch Hunter armor will give a ninety percent chance of protecting the victim.


GUI Infernal Circle Magic.png
Attuned Stone (Charged)
Redstone Soup
Reek of Misfortune
Toe of Frog
Water Bucket (Minecraft)
Belladonna Flower

Altar Power: 8000

  • This spell only works with a Seer Stone against the yellow glyph.