Journey to the Core

Journey to the Core
Name Journey to the Core
Creator Darkosto, Funwayguy, Turkey2349
Launcher ATLauncher
Latest Version 1.9.2
Minecraft Version 1.7.10

Welcome to paradise! Ha! Yeah right! This is the Islandic volcano Snaefellsjokull, a dark and dangerous cave system. Deep underground is rumored to be many treasures but none have survived the trip. Will you set up camp and survive the trek into the unknown?

Journey to the Core is a HQM hardcore challenge modpack based on the story "Journey to the Center of the Earth". You begin your trip in a small cave on the overworld and slowly move further down dimension by dimension until you reach the core. Enemies are smarter, the physics are real, and the darkness is overwhelming.

-ATLauncher Description

Mod List[edit]

Name Version
bspkrsCore 6.16
Damage Indicators 3.2.3
StartingInventory 1.7.10.r03
AppleCore 1.3.2
Artifacts 1.1.3
Backpack 2.0.1-1.7.x
Better Title Screen 1.1
BiblioCraft 1.11.5
Biomes O' Plenty
Carpenter's Blocks 3.3.8
Chance Cubes
CoFH Core 3.1.3-327
CoFH Lib 1.1.2-182
Cooking for Blockheads 1.0.140
MineTweaker 3 1.7.10-3.0.9
Custom Main Menu 1.9.2
Dark Tools 1.0
Dimensional Anchors 59.0.3
Dynamic Lights 1.7.10
EnviroMine 1.3.124
Epic Siege 10.0.148
ExtraTiC 1.4.6
Extra Utilities 1.2.12
FastCraft 1.23
Forge Multipart
Gany's Surface 1.12.8
Hardcore Ender Expansion 1.8.6
Hardcore Questing Mode 4.4.4
Hunger Overhaul 1.0.0.jenkins104
iChunUtil 4.2.2
Iguana Tweaks for Tinkers' Construct 2.1.6
Immibis Core 59.1.4
InfiniteInvo 1.0.52
InGame Info XML
INpureCore 1.0
Inventory Tweaks 1.59-dev-152
Iron Chest
JABBA 1.2.2
JourneyMap 5.1.4p1
JTTC Portal Tweak 1.26
Lava Monsters 1.7.10-2.2.1
Lockdown 2.0.0
Mantle 0.3.2b
MineFactory Reloaded 2.8.1-174
MineTweaker RecipeMaker
Mob Amputation 4.0.1
Mob Dismemberment 4.0.0
ModTweaker 2 0.9.6
Mouse Tweaks 2.4.4
ModPack Basic Tools 1.0.0
MPUtils 1.0.8
Nether Ores 2.3.1-22
Not Enough Items
OpenBlocks 1.5.1
OpenModsLib 0.9.1
OreExcavation 1.1.23
Pam's HarvestCraft 1.7.10i
Player API 1.4
ProjectE PE1.10.0
Random Things 2.2.4
Resource Loader 1.3
RouletteOres 1.0.14
Simply Jetpacks 1.5.3
Smart Moving 15.6
Smart Render 2.1
Sound Filters 0.8
Special Mobs 3.2.2
Steve's Factory Manager A93
Storage Drawers 1.10.3
Switches Continued 0.0.1
JTTC Template 1.9.2
Tinkers' Construct 1.8.8
Thermal Dynamics 1.2.0
Thermal Expansion 4.1.4
Thermal Foundation 1.2.5-115
TiC Tooltips 1.2.5
Helpful Tip Alerts 1.0.0
Turkey Utility 2.2.100
Waila 1.5.10
Waila Inhibitors 1.1.0
Waila Events 1.0.0
Waila Harvestability 1.1.6
Wild Caves