Magicality: The Next Dimension

Magicality: The Next Dimension
Magicality: The Next Dimension
Name Magicality: The Next Dimension
Creator Haighyorkie
Launcher ATLauncher
Latest Version 0.2-BETA
Minecraft Version 1.7.2

Magicality: The Next Dimension is a publicly available modpack created and maintained by Haighyorkie for the Minecraft version 1.7.2. It focuses mainly on magic and utilizing it to progress through the world, and thus prefers mods that fit its magical theme rather than tech-style mods. It is hosted on ATLauncher.


Version 0.2-BETA of Magicality: The Next Dimension contains the following mods:

Name Version
Advanced Thaumaturgy 0.1.1
AnimationAPI v1.2.1
Blood Magic 0.6.5b
Botania 1.1.-63
Carpenter's Blocks 3.2.1
Damage Indicators 3.1.2
Divine Smoker v1.1
Enchanting Plus 1.7.2-
Ender Utilities 0.1.1
EnhancedPortals 3 final2
EvilCraft 0.4.1b
Farlanders v1.2a
Forbidden Magic 0.41b
Hardcore Ender Expansion v1.2a
I'm Looking At Blood 1.0
Inventory Tweaks 1.57-116 (3)
Living Blocks 1.4.4
MapWriter 2.1.1
Minions 1.7.2
Mutant Creatures v1.4.5
Mystical Trinkets 1.4.0
Necromancy 1.7.2
Not Enough Items
Plant Mega Pack 3.00.09
Recall Stones 0.4.6
Refined Relocation 1.0.5a
Symcalc 0.13.3
Talismans 1.0-11
Thaumcraft 4
Thaumcraft Mob Apsects 2A
Thaumic Exploration 0.6.0
Thaumic Infusion 0.983
Thaumic Pipes 1.0.02
Thaumic Tinkerer 2 2.4-147
Twilight Forest 1.7.2-2.1.1
Totemic 0.4.1
Transmute Liquids 1.5
WAILA 1.5.2a
Witchery 0.19.2