Garden of Glass

Garden of Glass
Garden of Glass
Name Garden of Glass
Creator Vazkii
Latest Version Release
Minecraft Version 1.7.10-1.12.2
Website Official Site
Root Mod Botania
Modpacks Skyfactory 3

Garden of Glass is official addon for Botania mod, which adds a new world type - "Garden of Glass".


New world type is skyblock map, where the player gets Lexica Botania at the beginning and where some new items are available. These items are included in Botania, but they can be obtained only in "Garden of Glass" world:

Sky island consists of 11 roots, 23 Dirt blocks, 9 Grass blocks, 1 Water block, 1 Mana Flash and 1 block of Bedrock.


Mod changes some Botania recipes to make items obtainable in skyblock.
Main changes are:


"Dirt Age"[edit]

When world is created, player can get Pebbles by R-clicking on a Grass to make some Cobblestone - like any other blocks, it can be used to expand the island. Next step is to get Living Roots: they are placed at the lower layers of island, so to get them player must break some Dirt layers, (don't forget to leave some Grass, so it can grow on nearby blocks). Roots are way to get Saplings and also, when sapling is planted, it can be "bone-mealed" by using roots on it.

"Wooden Age"[edit]

Now, with at least 1 tree it is possible to get some saplings and wood itself. Place some dirt with saplings (only 1 block at some area may be a good idea) and then use Cobblestone Slabs or other blocks to expand the island and lose no saplings after harvesting. Wooden tools aren't required, because cobblestone ones can be easily created.

"Flower Age"[edit]

Now, it's time to start Botania! Living roots can be used to make some Floral Fertilizer. Be sure, that you have enough wood and collect previously placed dirt to make some "field", then use fertilizer to get some flowers at this field and collect them. First task is to find 2 White Mystical Flowers and any other flower. With 1 petal and some cobblestone - Petal Apothecary can be created to unlock the way to make Pure Daisy. There are 2 problems with it:

  1. Water - to fill the apothecary with water, Garden of Glass allows to use Bowl - just R-click on water source with it and then again on apothecary.
  2. Seeds - as we see before - Roots can be used as a bone meal, so to get seeds just collect some grass from previously created field.


When problems are solved and Pure Daisy is placed, it's time to use it! Both Livingrock and Livingwood should be created in huge quantities. Furnace with some Wood Planks or Charcoal as fuel is way to get Stone. With enough materials it's time to craft Mana Pool, Mana Spreader and Wand of the Forest.

"Mana Age"[edit]

Now, Mana Pool must be used to do some crafting. First way to get Mana is Daybloom or Nightshade - place at least 1 nearby the Spreader, with Pool at front of it and wait a bit. Now, the Floral Powder can be turned into Mana Powder - crafting component for next-tier generating flower - Endoflame.

"Ore Age"[edit]

Enough Mana allows to use Orechid and get some useful ores. Materials, such as Redstone or Diamonds are also nice to have, but main and "Target" material is Iron, which opens the way to new instruments - some Mana gives an infinite durability tools and armor, so now building some "arena" for monsters is worth doing. Now there are 2 different ways to get loot:

  1. More pacific way is Botania, which allows to get some monster's drop without killing them.
  2. Classic way is to build a basic Skyblock Grinder - tower, where monsters get killed by fall damage. Some Hoppers at the place, when they dies, collect the loot and put it in the Chest

Both ways are bit "grindy", but second one is set a new target - Water blocks...

"Rune/Nether Age"[edit]

To place water anywhere, there is only 1 item that can help - Rod of the Seas, so our next tasks:

  1. Create Runic Altar and Mana Tablet as well (Both items requires Ender Pearl or Diamond to craft them);
  2. Create Rune of Water as well as empty Glass Bottle.

If first problem can be solved easily, second one creates more and more problems itself:

  1. Rune of Water requires Sugar Cane, which can be made from Hay Bale, so at least 9 Wheats are needed, Bones for Bone Meal and String for Fishing Rod;
  2. Water Bottle requires some Glass that can obtained only in the Nether. Obsidian to make a portal can be crafted with Pure Daisy from Blaze Lamps, but the only way to get them (before Nether, of course) is shedding or death of summoned Blazes. Blaze can be spawned with Fel Pumpkin, but to get a Pumpkin - lot of Grass-grinding may be required;

Other Runes[edit]

To continue progression, Terrestrial Agglomeration Plate is required, so lots of Lapis Lazuli and all Tier 1 runes are necessary.

  1. Rune of Fire Rune of Fire - Nether Brick and Nether Wart - both can be found in the Nether;
  2. Rune of Earth Rune of Earth - Mushroom are also placed in the Nether;
  3. Rune of Air Rune of Air - Only Feather can be a problem, because Chicken is needed to get it. Mobs can spawn as normal at large fields of grass, but also Cocoon of Caprise can help;
  4. Rune of Mana Rune of Mana - Just some Iron.


Process of creating Terrasteel takes a lot of Mana! Be sure that you have enough supply of it!

"Terrasteel Age"[edit]

With precious materials and tons of Mana - Terrasteel comes into the hands, so powerful equipment and gate to next progression can be made!


Full set of armor takes:

And, of course, more Runes!

  1. Rune of Spring Rune of Spring and Rune of Autumn Rune of Autumn relatively cheap to craft them;
  2. Rune of Winter Rune of Winter need Egg (from Chicken), Milk (from Cow), Sugar (from Sugar Cane) and Snow which can be crafted from Water by using Pure Daisy
  3. Rune of Summer Rune of Summer is the main problem: Sand from the Nether, Slimeball from Slime Chunks and Melon that can require a lot of alchemical transmutations: Wheat > Potato > Carrot > Melon


By using some Glowstone, Livingwood, Terrasteel and Mana - Elven Portal can be opened...

While Terrasteel stuff is very hard to make, Elementium one just takes more Iron and Mana. Armor set and weapons aren't that strong, but also can be used.

"Final Age?"[edit]

New decorations, rods and other cool stuff can be made with Elven materials and the main one for us is the Gaia Pylon.

When all armor and, maybe a Weapon are crafted, some cool potions are in hand, with Ritual of Gaia and a bit of courage - player can face off the Gaia Guardian.

After long battle (or battles, maybe), our reward unlocks the way to continue the journey. Even more powerful boss can be summoned to get even more great equipment.

"Final Age"[edit]

The new Gaia Spirit material not just unlocks cool equipment and lots of possibilities, but also unlocks the End so the final boss awaits!

Death of Dragon will mean true end of the quest, but challenges and achievements are still here to be completed. In Botania, this completed journey is only the beginning...


The name of this game mode is a reference to the Love Live song "Garden of Glass", featuring Nozomi Toujou (Aina Kusuda) and Eli Ayase (Yoshino Nanjo).

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