Mana in a Bottle

Mana in a Bottle
Mana in a Bottle

Name Mana in a Bottle
Source Mod Botania
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable No

Mana in a Bottle is an item added by the Botania mod. It is made with a glass bottle in the Diluted Mana Pool. It can also be created with the Mana Pool or The Everlasting Guilty Pool. The Mana in a Bottle is consumable, but it has more than one use. When you drink it you will have a random effect applied or a random event happen.

The effects the Mana in a Bottle can apply are night vision, speed, nausea, blindness, and absorption. Other things the that the Mana in a Bottle can do include throwing you in the air and giving you resistance for just long enough that you don't die when you land, throwing your head on the ground in front of you and taking 19 health, spawning a mob called pixie, spawning an explosion, moving the player in a random direction, spawning water at the player's feet, throwing all of the player's items on the ground, (Including armor) and creating a fountain of mana from the player's head.


GUI Mana Infusion.png
Glass Bottle
Mana in a Bottle

Mana Gauge GUI.png

5,000 Mana


Mana in a Bottle has no known uses in crafting.