Botanical Brewery

Botanical Brewery
Botanical Brewery

Name Botanical Brewery
Source Mod Botania
ID Name Unknown
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Solid Yes
Transparent No
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Wooden Pickaxe

Botanical Brewery is a block added by the Botania mod. It utilizes mana to create potions that can be used multiple times.

To operate, place the object to be infused in first (either by right-clicking or by dropping it on top), followed by the ingredients. When the Botanical Brewery is supplied with Mana it will start to infuse the object, and when complete will drop it on the ground.

Objects that can be infused include:

The Mana cost doubles for the Alfglass Vial, and is multiplied by 10 for the Incense Stick and Tainted Blood Pendant.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Brewing Stand
Rune of Mana
Block of Manasteel
Botanical Brewery


Brew Ingredients Effects Notes
Fleetfeet Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Sugar.png Grid Redstone.png Speed II (1:30)
Vigor Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Blaze Powder.png Grid Glowstone Dust.png Strength II (1:30)
Adrenaline Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Sugar.png Grid Gold Nugget.png Haste II (1:30)
Mending Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Glistering Melon.png Grid Potato.png Instant Health II Vials and Flasks only
Upsurging Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Feather.png Grid Carrot.png Jump Boost II (1:30)
Revitalization Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Ghast Tear.png Grid Glowstone Dust.png Regeneration II (0:25)
Restoration Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Ghast Tear.png Grid Redstone.png Regeneration (2:00)
Fortitude Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Iron Ingot.png Grid Leather.png Resistance II (1:30)
Magmaskin Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Magma Cream.png Grid Netherrack.png Fire Resistance (8:00)
Gills Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Prismarine Shard (Botania).png Grid Glowstone Dust.png Water Breathing (8:00)
Cloaking Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Snowball.png Grid Glowstone Dust.png Invisibility (8:00)
Owlsight Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Spider Eye.png Grid Golden Carrot.png Night Vision (8:00)
Shielding Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Golden Apple.png Grid Potato.png Absorption IV (1:30) Vials and Flasks only
Overload Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Blaze Powder.png Grid Sugar.png Grid Glowstone Dust.png Grid Manasteel Ingot.png Grid Spider Eye.png Strength IV (1:30)
Speed II (1:30)
Weakness III (3:00)
Hunger III (0:10)
Vials and Flasks only
Crossed Souls Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Soul Sand.png Grid Paper.png Grid Apple.png Grid Bone (Minecraft).png User regains HP whenever they kill a mob (1:30)
Feather Feet Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Feather.png Grid Leather.png Grid Wool.png Complete immunity to fall damage (1:30)
Vanity's Emptiness Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Gunpowder.png Grid Rotten Flesh.png Grid Bone (Minecraft).png Grid String.png Grid Ender Pearl.png Mobs cannot spawn naturally in a 128 block radius (6:00)
Crimson Shade Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Fermented Spider Eye.png Grid Lapis Lazuli.png Grid Fire Charge.png Grid Iron Ingot.png Mobs can spawn regardless of light level in a 64 block radius (6:00)
Marine Allure Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Raw Fish.png Grid Nether Quartz.png Grid Golden Carrot.png User catches fish and other loot twice as fast (4:00)
Absolution Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Nether Quartz.png Grid Emerald.png Grid Melon (Block).png Clears all potion effects, negative or positive Vials and Flasks only
Sane Thoughts Grid Nether Wart.png Grid Salis Mundus.png Grid Purifying Bath Salts.gif Grid Amber (Thaumcraft 4).png Protects user from Warp (10:00) Cannot be applied to Tainted Blood Pendants


Botanical Brewery has no known uses in crafting.