Corporea Spark

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A "corporea spark" is a type of Spark. It can be used to transport items, not mana in a network. On top of inventories it can connect to other sparks or Master Corporea Sparks, or to the player via a Corporea Index or other corporea networking item like the Corporea Crystal Cube which can tell how much of an item is in the network.

There are other Corporea tools such as the Corporea Funnel and the Corporea Interceptor(Which need a description here).

Corporea sparks can be linked to each other and to a control spot via a Master Corporea Spark. They designate where a corporea network starts. Other sparks branch off from this one spark. You can not access the inventory under the master corporea spark, so it would be advised to put them over an corporea index so you can control the network and also access the items in it at the same time.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Pixie Dust (Botania)
Ender Air Bottle

Corporea Spark


Corporea Spark can be used to create the following items:

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