Black Lotus (Botania)

Black Lotus
Black Lotus

Black Lotus

Name Black Lotus
Tooltip It emits strong magical vibes
Source Mod Botania
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

Black Lotus is an item added by the Botania mod. It is a consumable found in Dungeon chests. This item cannot be crafted and is excluded from the loot produced by the Loonium. The Black Lotus contains concentrated mana, in which throwing it into a Mana Pool wil provide a mana boost and destroy the Black Lotus. This will only work if there is already mana present in the Pool.

There exists a variant known as the Blacker Lotus which is rarer and generates even more mana when consumed in a Mana Pool; it is otherwise identical to the Black Lotus.


Black Lotus (Botania) has no known uses in crafting.


Black Lotus is a reference to a card of the same name from the collectable card game "Magic: The Gathering". The Card Black Lotus from said game is too an one-use only scource of mana and is too very rare and powerful, being one of The Power Nine, nine most powerful and rarest cards from the said game, being refered as the rarest card in it, as only about 1 000 were ever created and that was long ago. Nowday the Black Lotus card sell on Ebay for 87 000 Dolars as Collector's Item. This also refer in Botania in the way that it is rare find in Dungeons.