Name Sync
Creator Unknown
Latest Version 2.0.0
Minecraft Version 1.6.4
Forum Sync (iChun's Blog)
Root Mod Unspecified
Modpacks Blast Off!
Crash Landing
DNS Techpack
Direwolf20 1.6 Pack
Feed The Beast Monster
Sky Factory
Sky Factory 2
Yogscast Complete Pack

Sync is a mod which enables you to create several clones of yourself and swap your mind between them.


To use this mod, you are going to need at least two Shell Storages, one Shell Constructor, and one Treadmill. You are also going to need a pig (or wolf). Place down the Shell Constructor, and the Treadmill towards it. Lure the pig (or wolf) onto the Treadmill, and it should start running. The pig (or wolf) should be facing the Shell Constructor. Right click on the Shell Constructor. A sample will be taken, (which will hurt) and there will be small white cubes that start to appear at the bottom. You can add more Treadmills and pigs (or wolves) to make it go faster, but you just have to wait. You will want to see the ending, though. While you are waiting, place down the Shell Storage and supply a steady redstone signal. Walk into it, and a circle should appear as an interface. At the top should be a percentage of completion with the coordinates of the Shell Constructor. When the shell is towards the end, watch it, as it looks really cool. The white will be peeled off, and your minecraft skin will be underneath. Make sure to place down a second Shell Storage with a steady redstone signal, then step into a Shell Storage and move your mouse up and click. You will be synced into your new shell. Reminder: This shell has a new inventory, even armor. Do not be surprised when there is nothing in your inventory. To get back into your first shell, just walk into the second Shell Storage and select the one next to you.


You are going to need (for the build above assuming 1 Treadmill):

14 Obsidian, 17 Iron (6 of that is for Iron Bars, with 15 leftover Iron Bars), 27 Glass (6 of that is for Glass Panes with 8 left over), 30 Redstone, 2 Black Carpet, 27 Nether Quartz, 6 Emeralds, 27 Lapis Lazuli, 3 Ender Pearls, and 27 Oak Wood Planks

That should be enough for everything you need for two Shell Storages, One Shell Constructor, and One Treadmill. And 1 Carrot to get pigs and a lead.


The Shell Constructor can be powered by either Thermal Expansion conduits or a treadmill

Adding Treadmills[edit]

To add a treadmill, simply place it towards your Shell Constructor, and get a pig (or wolf) onto it. An easy way to accomplish this is to use a Lead, simply right click the pig and then right click the Treadmill while holding a Lead.


To add 2 Treadmills to the above supplies, you also need (not accounting for leftovers from above):

6 Glass, 6 Nether Quartz, 2 Redstone, 4 Obsidian, 4 Black Carpet, and 6 Oak Wood Slabs.

That should be enough for everything you need for two Treadmills. And 1 Wheat still to get pigs.