Beefy Bee

Beefy Bee
Item Beefy Bee.png

Beefy Bee

Carnosa bubulae
Grid Honey Comb.png Production Speed: 15.3 min
Specialty Product
Grid Disambiguation.png Production Speed: 17.0 min
Required Humidity Normal
Required Temperature Normal
Pollinates With Flowers
Effect None
Source Mod Magic Bees
Possible Descendants 0 Species

Beefy Bees are one of the bees added by Magic Bees that produce food nuggets as members of the Fleshy Branch. Beefy Bees produce Beef Nuggets, which are normally produced on occasion by cooking Raw Beef in an Infernal Furnace. These can be eaten directly, or one of each variety can be combined with a unit of Sugar to acquire a Triple Meat Treat. They cannot be crafted into the food item which they are nuggets of, e.g. several Chicken Nuggets cannot be crafted into a Cooked Chicken.


Beefy Bees produce Honey Combs as is the case with the other members of the Fleshy Branch. These combs result in Beeswax and Honey Drops when centrifuged.

GUI Centrifuge.png
Honey Comb
Beeswax (Forestry)
Honey Drop


Pure Beefy Bees require a Normal Climate and Normal Humidity to start working, and at least one Flower - any of the two vanilla flowers or any of the flowers added by ExtrabiomesXL. Like all species, their traits can be modified through Bee Breeding.


The traits below are correct for purebred Beefy Bees.

Genetic Traits
Climate / Humidity Normal/Normal
Temp. Tol. / Humid. Tol. 0/0
Lifespan Shorter
Speed Slowest
Pollination Slowest
Flowers Flowers
Fertility 1 Drone
Area 9 x 6 x 9
Nocturnal / Flyer / Cave Yes / No / Yes
Effect None


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Breeding Pair Chance Result
Common Bee + Skulking Bee 10% Beefy Bee

Further Mutations[edit]

The Beefy Bee has no further mutations.