Bee Collector's Jar

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Bee Collector's Jar
Block Bee Collector's Jar.png

Name Bee Collector's Jar
Source Mod Magic Bees
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable Unknown

The Bee Collector's Jar is an item added by Magic Bees. It is made from two Nether Quartz, five Glass, one Wooden Slab, and one Unusual Pollen (provided by the Supernatural Bee species).

The Bee Collector's Jar can be placed in the world, and then drone bees can be placed within it. If the bees provide an effect, such as regeneration (Beatific effect), or experience (Explorer effect), or poison, the effect will radiate from the jar as if it were a hive populated by an active (working) queen.

As the bee effect stacks (more hives/jars = stronger effect), you can place several of these jars around your enchanting table, anvil or uncrafting table, with a supply of "Edenic" bees in a nearby chest. Whenever you wish to gain experience, simply place one Edenic drone in each jar and wait for a few minutes (exact duration depending on the amount of jars and the XP level you need).

One single Edenic drone in a Bee Collector's Jar can give you up to 10 experience levels.

Each drone appears to survive and provide its effect for 1/4 the number of bee cycles an equivalent queen would survive within an apiary, rounded up to the nearest full bee cycle.