Crystallized Aspect

Crystallized Aspect
Name Crystallized Aspect
Source Mod Magic Bees
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable If same aspect, Yes (64)

Crystallized Aspect is an item added by the Magic Bees mod. It is an item which is created when a bee with Purify Node as its effect trait (only Pure Bees have this by default, but the trait can be isolated and then subsequently inoculated into other bee species, if desired) is placed in an Apiary or Alveary near a Node with any amount of Flux. Depending on the aspects of Flux contained within the Node, the bees will (very slowly) create Crystallized Aspects in their Apiary or Alveary, removing the corresponding Flux from the Node.

The working speed of the bees (e.g. inoculating a Pure Bee with a Fastest Worker Serum) does not appear to affect the rate at which the bee removes aspects from the air and turns them into Crystallized Aspects. Also noteworthy is that this process is quite slow, and it may take one or more in-game days to produce a single Crystallized Aspect. Thus, this should not be treated as a way of coping with the Flux outputs of large amounts of frequent Crucible overflow but as a method of slowly removing excess Flux in the Aura.


If eight of the same type of Crystallized Aspect are placed surrounding a Glass Phial in a crafting grid, the corresponding Essentia can be crafted.