Mystical Bee

Mystical Bee
Item Mystical Bee.png

Mystical Bee

Velata mysticum
Grid Mundane Comb.png Production Speed: 10.2 min
Required Humidity Normal
Required Temperature Normal
Pollinates With Flowers
Effect None
Branch Veiled
Source Hive Curious Hive
Source Mod Magic Bees
Possible Descendants 2 Species

Mystical Bees are a common type of bee found in Curious Hives. They are bred in an Apiary or Alveary.


Mystical Bees produce Mundane Combs which can be made into Magic Wax, Honey Drops and Beeswax. They have no secondary or specialty produce.

GUI Centrifuge.png
Mundane Comb
Magic Wax
Honey Drop
Beeswax (Forestry)


Pure Mystical Bees require a Normal Climate and Normal Humidity to start working, and at least one Flower - a Yellow Flower, Rose, Buttercup, Cala Lily, Hydrangea or Purple Flower. Like all species, their traits can be modified through Bee Breeding.


The traits below are correct for pure-bred Mystical Bees:

Genetic Traits
Climate / Humidity Normal / Normal
Temp. Tol / Humid. Tol. None / None
Lifespan Shorter
Speed Slowest
Pollination Slowest
Flowers Flowers
Fertility 2 Drones
Area 9 x 6 x 9
Diurnal / Nocturnal / Flyer / Cave Yes / No / No / No
Effect None


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Breeding Pair Chance Result
Mystical Bee x Forest BeeMeadows BeeModest BeeWintry BeeTropical BeeMarshy BeeWater BeeRocky BeeEmbittered Bee

Mystical + Hive Bee (Forest, Meadows, Modest, Wintry, Tropical, Marshy, Water, Rocky, Embittered)

15% Common Bee


Mystical Bee x Common Bee

Mystical + Common

12% Cultivated Bee


Mystical Bee x Cultivated Bee

Mystical + Cultivated

12% Eldritch Bee