Attractive Bee

Attractive Bee
Item Attractive Bee.png

Attractive Bee

Vis conficiens
Grid Memory Comb.png Production Speed: 7.6 min
Required Humidity Normal
Required Temperature Normal
Pollinates With Node
Effect Aura Attract
Source Mod Magic Bees
Possible Descendants 0 Species

Attractive Bees are one of the results of breeding bees in the Vis branch added by Magic Bees. Their effect, Aura Attract, allows for Nodes to be brought nearer to the Apiary or Alveary in which they reside, allowing for the circumvention of the need for the Node Mover construct from Thaumcraft 3 to move nodes.


Attractive Bees produce Memory Combs as is the case with the other members of the Vis Branch. These result in Magic Wax, Honeydew and Intellect Drops (which are used to make Bottles o' Enchanting) when centrifuged.

GUI Centrifuge.png
Memory Comb
Magic Wax
Intellect Drop


Pure Attractive Bees require a Cold, Normal or Warm Climate and can tolerate any Humidity to start working, and require to be somewhat near a Node as their flower. Like all species, their traits can be modified through Bee Breeding.


The traits below are correct for purebred Attractive Bees.

Genetic Traits
Climate / Humidity Normal/Normal
Temp. Tol. / Humid. Tol. Both 1/Both 1
Lifespan Shorter
Speed Slowest
Pollination Slowest
Flowers Node
Fertility 1 Drone
Area 9 x 6 x 9
Nocturnal / Flyer / Cave No / No / No
Effect Aura Attract


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Breeding Pair Chance Result
Pure Bee + Flux Bee 2%* Attractive Bee

*Listed as 0% in Apiarist Database. Actual value is 2%. Requires a Node within four blocks of the Apiary/Alveary and requires the current moon cycle to be half moon. Unbreedable in any other conditions.

Further Mutations[edit]

The Attractive Bee has no further mutations.