Advanced Charge Station

Advanced Charge Station
Advanced Charge Station

Name Advanced Charge Station
Source Mod Misc Peripherals
ID Name Unknown
Type Machine
Stackable Yes (64)

The Advanced Charge Station is a block that, when powered with electricity, will charge any Turtle in front of it (indicated with a dot). You can move where the dots are placed using a Wrench.

Unlike the regular Charge Station this block can charge two turtles at once by placing a turtle at each dot.


An Advanced Charge Station accepts up to MV (for IC2), stores 100k EU or 5k fuel points, and can discharge batteries in its GUI. 

It charges turtles at a rate of 32 EU (or equivalent) per 1 fuel per tick.[1] So when the station is fully charged, it can provide about 20 fuel per second.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Electronic Circuit

2xIns. Gold Cable
Charge Station
2xIns. Gold Cable

Energy Crystal

Advanced Charge Station

Alternative Components[edit]

This table shows which crafting components can be substituted within the GregTech recipe.

Original Alternatives
Electronic Circuit Autarchic Gate, Redstone Golden Chipset, Iron OR Gate, Iron AND Gate
Energy Crystal Lithium Battery


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