Augment: Integrated Redstone Circuit

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Augment: Integrated Redstone Circuit
Augment: Integrated Redstone Circuit

Name Augment: Integrated Redstone Circuit
Tooltip Redstone Control
Level I
Source Mod Thermal Expansion 4
ID Name
First Appearance MC 1.7.10
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

The Augment: Integrated Redstone Circuit is an item added by the ThermalExpansion4 mod.

An Augment is used to add functionality to machines. This Augment allows a Player to control how a Redstone signal will affect the machine [1]. It is integrated in all machines, but removable, without it machines use the previously defined Redstone setting (default Ignored).


GUI Crafting Table.png
Tin Nugget (Thermal Foundation)

Tin Nugget (Thermal Foundation)
Redstone Dust
Tin Nugget (Thermal Foundation)

Tin Nugget (Thermal Foundation)

Augment: Integrated Redstone Circuit


The Redstone Control tab is the same across all machines

The Integrated Redstone Circuit adds a new tab to a machine's GUI called "Redstone Control". This allows the user to choose between three states of redstone control of the machine:

  • Ignored: Selected by default, the machine will constantly operate regardless of Redstone signal.
  • Low: The machine will not operate if there is a Redstone signal (e.g. an attached Lever is on).
  • High: The machine will only operate when receiving a Redstone signal.

If the Augment is removed from the machine, it will continue to use the last selected state but the Redstone Control tab will become inaccessible. When the Augment is re-installed, the machine will revert to the Ignored state. A machine dismantled with a wrench will remember its Redstone control state, regardless if the Augment is installed.


  1. Even the weakest Redstone signal (16 blocks away) is considered a High signal by machines, although the wording may imply otherwise.